Engaging in Naval Warfare From my Couch (World Of Warships: Legends)

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    Like my own comment on accident nice

  2. 20 likes 2 views. ?

  3. Hey Phly! can you do some CAS in tankRB with the ME262-A? I need some narwhal in my life!

  4. Thanks guys for the going support! Without ya’ll I wouldn’t be able to do this <3 Check out the World Of Warships Legends through this link https://wo.ws/2UsOBh7


    Hi PHLY, why don’t you go back to play the original World of Warships, maybe playing the mighty Fuso (your first battleship love), also the Yamato got a new model, and, Russian battleships are coming, let hand of Stalin guide your shells.

  6. You should play more DCS world, Phly! Maybe do a custom mission with your friends.

  7. The Blue BlobFish

    I personally will always pick WoWs over WarThunder naval

    • Me too,naval is shit. I just prefer the tanks and planes.

    • Shitjin is too busy overflowing the tech trees with russhit and amerifag tanks.They stopped giving a shit about Naval long ago.
      I’ll.start playing the game when they add more ships, and remove that 60k rp small ass boats before the 20k rp destroyers (which is fucking retarded)

    • Jonathan Van Zee

      From someone who has played a ton of World of Warships, the destroyers in War Thunder Naval feel like more of a battleship than anything in wows. I hope Naval gets off the ground.

    • +HydroAstral Japanese Naval will come in next update and likely to come with heavy cruiser as well. and you don’t need to research that 60k rp boat, you can just take the boat on the right of the tree and there you go. i’m playing CL now but still don’t get that 60k rp boat yet :

    • The Blue BlobFish hell no got more ships but RNG can fuck my ass

  8. I see some typos in the title

  9. Cool you playing world of warships??

  10. valentine Xristov

    Phlee! Play the AMX-10RC! You dont have a video about it.
    Attemp #4

  11. Play the soviet T-26-4

    Loving the unloved

    Attempt #5

  12. Alexander Jones

    Phly take out the duck’s younger brother the Hs 129 B-2

    Attempt 3 of 129

  13. That’s super cool. Just imagine sitting on your couch and playing THE TERROR OF THE SEAS, THE BISMARCK AND THE KRIEGSMARINE

    • There’s no German ships

    • working on a name s

      +Itz Dusty *Cries inside*

    • Blackbeard The great

      Games only in early access won Germany will probably come when the game goes full release

    • Crazy Alexer No like seriously, for what’s a battleship is supposed to do in WoWs, the Bismarck is the best. Fully upgraded, it has like a 10km secondary range. Combine that with good guns and German turtleneck armor that makes close range citadels extremely difficult, and you have a hell of a brawler.

  14. Getting ever closer!!! Cmon, USS Brooklyn! IN WAR THUNDER! Put those 15 guns to good use.

    Attempt #15

  15. playing it now. love it. got 97k damage in the isokaze yesterday

  16. That’s a lot of damage! Maybe you can fix it with flex seal!

  17. Phly,please play Panzer IV H,the best vehicle on WarThunder

  18. DeathTheInfamous

    Play the french jet Super Mystere B2 and embrace your roots of phlying

  19. Hurricane Gaming

    “Fast paced naval action”


  20. Loving the unloved please Phly
    War Thunder
    F7F Tigercat
    Fairey Firefly
    I-16 type 10
    Preferably with some historical information.

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