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Discussing the Enterprise recent patch improvements and bottom tier Carrier play at the moment. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII American Carrier Enterprise Replay

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  1. Didn’t know the Corsair was actually the Hellcat

  2. Notser why are you not playing IJN tier 8-10 CV’s or is hard for you to get decent games that you might show on YouTube? *Since you are also are partially guilty for over nerfing them into near uselessness!* Where is that great Hakuryu or Shokaku game of yours? PS. *Hakuryu needs a buff to its 6km alterantive torpedoes to 3-4 drops per attack* even if they would also reduce their speed, range and damage in order to balance them! Hell, i just got a whooping 35k zero kill game in my Hakuryu (that we still won) just because i wanted to try the 8km torps…

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      If no one will play CVs then they’re pretty much deleted.

      Darth Sidious: Gooooooodddddd!!!!!!!!!

    • I will tell you one thing I learned from the CV rework and that is people will do whatever they can to have an advantage, especially if it is an unfair advantage over other players. For the first week of the rework all you saw was Hakuryu in every game. You guys didn’t gave a damn that the ship was OP and that you were taking advantage of other players so pardon my skepticism regarding anything you guys say. Your ship needed to be nerfed and it was.

    • Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

      Personally… since the IJN are suppose to be the “torpedo” line, I think its rather poor they are mediocre at torpedo bombing…

      I thought the “shima Hak” 8.0 was interesting and unique. What ruined it and made it OP was the recall spam.

      As is, its “torpedos” will play second chair next to the Midway’s. Something I hope WG remedies in the future.

    • +Simon Britannia they don’t complain about anything that would help CVs. they only complain about things that CVs are doing to make their precious DDs “useless” which is an entire fallacy in and of itself.

  3. Those RKN guys have the big ghey.

  4. Oh so basically, entire enemy team clumping up together so you can’t do anything to them is making ME a bad player, because I do not want to sit around just doing nothing and want to get some damage, while some BB McBBFace will just sit 20 kms away from the enemies, getting RNG shots on enemies, slowly farming up 100k games, while I in my CV have to lose 100 planes to get 50k damage and somehow I am the BAD player here. Of course. Why I didn’t even think of that sooner. Next time, I will just be a good little spot-bot and bully DDs, while letting the REAL SURFACE ships do the work that I am clearly not meant to. #BBMasterRace #NerfCarriers #NeedMoreRadar

    • poor fucking pussy. The whole world should cave and let you sit your coward ass in complete safety and get damage. What is it with you cv and arty pussies that demand to sit in complete safety with zero risk and want to do damage?
      Fucking pussies get endless airplanes whats it matter how many you lose? You will notice at the end of the LARGE MAJORITY of games even when the team loses the coward ass cv player is still at 100% health.
      If you dont like it stop playing your zero talent coward mobile and go play WoWP instead.

    • ​+Rubi Doo This retarded comparison to arty again from a idiot that does not even play all ship classes. Using your stupid “logic”: So does DD’s that do not CAP and just stay in stealth but they sure do a fuck ton damage them self with infinite torps that cannot be shot down by AA and is capable defending them self if they do get spotted any time they want and do not lose its ability to maneuver with out losing its ability to fire its weapons AND have FULL control of all its consumables at any time any where …pls go play WOWS blitz more your style NO CV there.

      This is not WoT you moron. Secondly arty just shoots from other side of the map with only ammunition being its “limit”. CV’s have something called planes that are directly controlled by the player and if they DIE from AA the CV is being useless for the rest of the game. Also CV can be wholly prevented to enter area that is covered with enough AA, you cannot prevent arty from shooting. This comparison is stupid as fuck. Just like you idiot that does not even play all the ship classes.

    • But it’s hard to have bunch up ppl in randoms tho.

    • +CloneD Anon Its EXACTLY like arty. Made just for the zero talent pussies who can only play a game if they can sit in complete safety and troll people. Endless planes and the pussies still cry. CV’s should be an off map AI class just like arty should be. But WG always puts in a class for those to stupid or to scared to learn to play. It’s a welfare system for the stupid paid for with a tax on fun by people who want to play ships. Just in the off chance the pussies will get some money from mom for play time.

      Mommy I want to play but the better players keep hurting me, NP son just play arty or CV and cower in the back corner. You will be safe and wont have to learn the game. Just start crying when you dont get enough damage though.

    • Wow the salt in those guys, I can tell you are BB Captains. I bet the kind that keep crying about DDs being too strong, who is the pussy, huh? Clearly you lot never touched a carrier and base things on what you saw on videos, or from games where you had your ass kicked. You do not have infinite planes, at about 70 planes lost, which can happen really quickly, you cannot replen a full wing, maybe 1 to 3 planes, which have a high chance of dying before they have a chance to scrape your oh so precious Battleship. I can easily rack in 100k games in a BB and Cruiser. With a bit of effort and RNG I can do it on DD as well. But carrier? I had more Kraken games since last update than games with 100k damage as a Carrier.

  5. Hey notser. Can you do a review on the Saipan cv. I feel is is really weak compared to its original version. Thanks.

  6. just saying, If AP bombs work so should AP BB shells, against DD’s, and they changed that because apparently DD’s were toooo easy to take out. with larger ships, yeah right.

    Something to be said about Carrier game play. Maybe carriers should focus on supporting attacks in progress against other ships instead of trying to take something out of action on their own.

    In saying, the MM is complete garbarge – 1 + 1 benefits other ships too. I don’t care how good a player is if you take two equally skilled players, one in a tier 10 BB and the other in a Tier 8. There is a massive difference there. American BB’s a practical vs 10 but even still, they have glaring weaknesses, this isn’t something you can over come, it’s purely game mechanics giving higher end benefits for the tier 10 your stuck against. Ontop of this, Tier 10 cruisers wreck tier 8 BB’s so do tier 10 DD’s, it’s just way too out of control.

    Tier 5 and 8 are completely screwed. Tier 5 being tiered up to 7 is just insane.

    • Err Carriers are already just supporting other ships since they cannot take anything out on their own except USN CV’s can take out DD’s with HE dive bombers! Though what is the point of CV’s then if they cannot even take out anyone themselves?

    • I agree with what you are saying about the matchmaking. Unfortunately, skill simply doesn’t overcome two tier higher than you. Also, we play games to have fun. It is NOT fun facing an Iowa in a Colorado, or a Harugumo in a Benson. Sure, you can completely avoid the caps, sit in the back, and therefore try not to encounter higher tier enemy ships. I think we can all see the problem with that. The “skill” that must be used against higher tiered ships is synonymous with being extremely passive and having very little influence over the battle, i.e. playing the game wrong.

  7. I’d prefer to be able to choose between he and ap bombs

  8. Stop using the term “glass cannon”, cv planes are more like a “glass bb gun”

  9. Tanya Von Degurechaff


  10. The AA is powerful against bottom Tier Planes, but Hakuryu also cant deal with that, even with fully upgraded Stats. No wonder CV’s are pretty much dead Tier X on EU Servers like before the rework.

    • Yep and those that you meet are mainly Midways. Just got a great 35k zero kill game today on my Hakuryu (that our team won though), just because i wanted to test the 8km torps for a change, since the 6km ones are terrible but at least you can hit BB’s with them!

  11. Sorry but +1/-1 MM would solve a lot of problems for CVs. Relative main gun damage can be made up for with proper play, relative AA however drastically increases. This Enterprise can either face a Pensacola’s or a Des Moines’s AA; a New Mexico or a bloody Montana.. how the hell are you supposed to balance that?!

    • Seems pretty simple to me, normalize aa so plane survivability is less of a defining factor between tiers. Lower the chance of flood and fires on ships up tier from you and increase it for ships down tier. Just like gun caliber on ships but relying on dot damage instead of alpha.

  12. Yeah bottom tier carriers at any tier is terrible. I am at tier 6 with the ranger and I can’t do any damage in a tier 8 game. You just get murdered when you try to attach anyone. Even tier 7s are hard to damage.

  13. Balance aside I do enjoy the game play. I’m still learning the tactics but most games I find generally enjoyable. I have a hard time securing kills but I have noticed fleets tend to corral when I’m around. And that can have it’s own impact on the game. Forcing them to group up means they aren’t flanking and my own team has an easier time capping and defending.

    • Agreed, except for t4 were the planes are so slow that it becomes boring, the gameplay is nice. I love flying over mountains, or flying over those floaty peasants of my team (it’s a joke, don’t kill me)

    • +Winter Last Yeah the Langley is pretty egregiously terrible. The Ranger is a big improvement though. I don’t know about the Hosho or it’s planes though. But at least their ship can actually move, and isn’t a coal freighter.

    • +Lukos0036 Didn’t play the Langley in a long time, but the Hosho feels realy bad since the AP Bombs suck and the planes are slow. It’s like you have 2 bombs that 2 citadels are 6k dmg. It’s just feel weird getting this fancies badges and having 10k dmg

    • +Winter LastIt’s sort of the same story with Langley’s HE bombs. Plenty if fire and incapacitation ribbons, but little actual damage. And yeah the planes are painfully slow. It’s frustrating.

  14. I disagree. There’s a pretty big difference between going up against ships two tiers higher in a CV and any other class. Mostly because no other ship can be completely prevented doing damage and impacting the game. +1 -1 would be a great boon for CVs and _wargaming already does it_ for low tier ships. That being said, the main issue is still the climb out time of aircraft ensuring that you will ALWAYS lose aircraft on attack runs

    • I agree with you on the +1 -1 but CV’s don’t have a set number of planes so you waiting for 30 sec wile your planes are restocked is fair to me or else CV’s will only have to be good with one squadron. Ships also need a break doing torpedo beats the whole game ain’t fun for us either.

    • +KDISK But you aren’t waiting 30 seconds though. Take for example, the Ryujo and its torpedo planes. They take 85 seconds to regenerate when you have the air supremacy skill (which you should). That means that if you lose the full squadron, which is almost a certainty when attacking any target that isnt a destroyer, it takes 8.5 minutes to assemble a full squadron.

    • But you have 3 squadrons it is nearly impossible to not be completely without aircraft, if that happens you shouldn’t be playing carriers and you can still aid in spotting and it would also be real nice if every now and then CV’s drop a fighter squadron above their fleet.

    • +KDISK It is nearly impossible to have 0 aircraft yes. However, the way this works is that you always take casualties from an attack run. Even if you save a few you’re still being worn down by the slow regen speed. Unless you’re top tier and not a single ship in the enemy team is within 5km of another ship you’ll lose planes faster than you can bring then back, and squadrons of two aircraft have very little flexibility. And thats assuming you’re up against ships that you can actually attack. If you’re bottom tier and the only ships left on the enemy team are top tier, it may be impossible to even hit them with less than a full squadron.

  15. Nice of you to FINALLY address the bottom tier CV problems Notser.

    • But not in a t10 game.

    • He wasn’t bottom tier he was mid. It just enforces the +1 -1 MM point.

    • He addressed it by showing it was a struggle at +1, acknowledging that at +2 you can’t do any meaningful damage because you instantly vaporize, but then said, “That’s why WG games are the best, git gud.” Forgive me if i feel like he addressed it by saying, “Working as intended and only a problem for poor players.”

    • +FirestormMk3 the realy problem is at thw end. Notser, cv plauers get good. Notser for 2 or 3 months. CV sucks how dare they make me play differently.
      Thats the real problem. Thats why his views are down and comments are question him more than ever.

  16. nothing like playing KAGA against full Tier X ships (sorry a pair of DDs were T8 as well)

  17. Notser – totally full of crap today unfortunately. Bottom tier carriers are next to useless and the “git gud” attitude is harmful to any efforts to make them valuable.

    • Yea, I respect Notser’s points of view but… Bottom tier sucks to play. It just does. Skill isn’t going to beat higher tiered ships. Hell, a Conqueror without camo or signals, fully broadside with standard consumables will still utterly obliterate the most skilled Bismarck player in the game. The only “skill” that I think Notser is talking about is sitting in the back (no matter what class) and staying as far away from the battle as you can. Charging into a cap as a tier 8 DD with average concealment against tier 10s will get you killed or make you lose a lot of your health. Your alternative is to stay out of the cap, not doing your job, and impairing your ability to win. SKILL DOES NOT BEAT MATCHMAKING!

  18. More questions than answers, I think. Does Notser actually believe what he says in this video or is it a cynical damage limitation exercise to stem the bleed of subscribers following some of his recent ‘everthing is fine’ content. Answers on a postcard…

  19. Notser, I respect your point of view. However, the “everything is fine” (I know this is an exaggeration but you know what I mean) attitude is… flawed. Skill is no match in many cases for matchmaking.
    A highly inexperienced, naked, standard consumable, HE firing, broadside Conqueror will beat the most skilled T8 BB every time.
    A Fubuki will always lose to an Akizuki of the same skill level, unless he doesn’t go for the cap, doesn’t spot, and allows the enemy team to get the caps and win.
    A New Orleans will always lose to a Buffalo in a one on one. The point I’m trying to make is that in a match of equally skilled players of tiers separated by two tiers, the higher tier will almost always win.
    Of course, I’d assume you’d argue that these lower-tiered ships should sit back and not engage with these higher-tiered ships because it’s frankly stupid. Does that sound good for the game? Does a T8 DD who refuses to go into caps because he will be radared and killed or significantly damaged by T10 DDs and cruisers help his chances of winning and having fun?
    Does a battleship who sits on the B line because he will be melted if he goes forward against T10 Zaos and Henris sound OK? Of course I am exaggerating. But only slightly. If my only option in a bottom tier game is to simply “avoid the fight” or “not engage,” how the hell am I going to have fun or help my team?
    To summarize, skill < matchmaking. We all want this game to go forward. It will if the playerbase is happy and is having fun. Its not fun to play a Shokaku and have every plane shot down the second you try to attack someone. The solution is to improve matchmaking. I've heard many detailed reports that say that there are enough players. Even if we have to wait a little longer, its still worth it. Maybe WG could just make a rule that says, "In the first 2 minutes, the matchmaker will attempt to make a +1 -1 MM spread. After that return to the +2 -2." It might be okay with you Notser, but it isn't with at least 70% of the playerbase.

  20. Wow, nice of you to be talking about how weak CVs are now, Notser. Especially after you called for multiple nerfs as you played against T6 bots in T8 carriers. Real great. Tier 10 DDs casually obliterating entire squadrons of planes is great too, innit? Exactly what you wanted.

    In its current state, continuous AA is absolutely broken. Dodging flak means next to nothing now.

    I’d take your stuff more seriously if you weren’t running clearly biased tests half the time.

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