Enterprise: Advanced Game Strategy – World of Warships

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The idea is very simple, do not win so fast. With Enterprise you can quickly kill DDs and finish the game but this gives you same level of experience as losing. Enemy DDs are also useful for controlling BBs in your team. When you kill all enemy DDs, your BBs can launch aggressive attacks and throw the game or game will be end fast with very low damage and kills.
World of Warships is not a team play oriented game. Its more like Team Deathmatch because of the reward system.
For example Asashio, she is terrible team player.
Asashio – 53 364 DMG – 51.55 % WR
Akizuki – 36 715 DMG – 52.19 % WR
AL Yukikaze – 36 362 DMG – 51.46 % WR
Le Fantasque – 34 068 DMG – 51.40 % WR
Kiev – 33 602 DMG – 50.30 % WR


  1. hi, is Enterprise worth buying now?

    • She’s arguably the only premium CV worth the pricetag, with Saipan being second (high striking power and plane performance but planes take forever to respawn so handle with great care). Graf Zeppelin struggles due to weak rocket planes and useless AP bombs (though @Toptier likes her), and Kaga planes are too weak to go against Tier 8+ AA.

    • @pihip I would say kaga is second cuz even in T10 mm you can strike via kamikaze attacks. It may be not funny but I maintained my 100k average in her even after 8.5

    • @Maximum Meme It’s the “not funny” part that makes me rate Kaga so low. Sending out wave after wave of planes only for them to not make the return trip because they get shredded like paper the moment they touch Tier 9-10 AA gets annoying real fast.

    • But i love kaga she has really many plane lol

    • @진석김 yes that’s why she is awesome:)

  2. i like how he starts fires on ships to make them use repair party then attack same ship with torps and cause flooding and they cant do anything
    or attack with torps they use repair party then start fires with rocket or dive bombers its not a new strategy but yet not alot of people know this trick

  3. Being a “terrible team player” does not mean a ship is bad. Asashio is excellent at putting pressure on enemy BBs, scouting, and does a good job in the caps too since it’s so stealthy – outspot the red DD, and jump it while it’s distracted by allied fire (so many forget IJN torpedo boat guns have excellent damage, velocity and arcs).

    As for the replay, Enterprise might as well be the gold standard among Tier 8 CVs, techtree and premium, with only Lexington being somewhat equal (“somewhat” because while she has better dive bombers, plane restoration is a bit slower). I kinda felt sorry for the Scharnhorst by the way. 😛

    • I have Asashio DD and I can agree with you it’s such a good DD to active scouting and damage pumping with those long range torps ohh and poor BBs of they meet more than 1 asashio rip ?

    • @Sandris Brečs Good BB players know how to make themselves hard to hit with torps, but it does not change that you make the game unfun for them. They know you’re out there, they know torps can come at any time, and they have to stay on their toes. That’s hardly relaxing gameplay. 😛

    • @pihip but they prefer to blame CVs XD

    • @NachoK66 Everyone who’s not a CV blames CVs for everything. I kinda expect someone to blame CVs for global warming one day.

  4. Enterprise playing as Enterprise

  5. I should honestly try ignoring DDs to farm damage for the CV Elite profile icon. I’m so close to the 4th and final badge

  6. I bought an enterprise, I begin to master.

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