Enterprise: Cruiser Hunter – World of Warships

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In this game my primary target was Kronshtadt. I was trying to protect my Jutland at all cost.
My Enterprise build, captain skills and modules: http://www.toptier.pro/enterprise/


  1. Great vid bro, good job!

  2. Satya adibaskara Wiryawan

    Why you not watch the surrounding and let your CV get attack? #facepalm

  3. Which premium CV is your favourite so far?

  4. Thoughts on running CE and concealment module on Kaga?

    • I dont recommend CE and concealment module on any CV. You can hide your ship without any problem, 1km less concealment doesnt mean anything for planes while flying around 150kts.

  5. Can you make a video explaining your set ships captain skills and mounts? / how to play? Struggling to get past 60k

  6. Florian Bielawa

    I have got about 100k on my Furious today and yet I am struggling to do the same in the Kaga xf WG just keeps throwing in my games Jean Barts and US air defence cruisers

  7. Nice..the Power of AP-Bombs. I have the Kaga and Saipan..both fantastic CV’s. But when i see Vids like this i really want to have the Enterprise. AP-Bombing with Haku on TX is fun, but against TX-AA-Cruisers sometimes really heavy. 🙂
    Thx for Vid!!

  8. good drop on that neptune 🙂

  9. I think is a must have but have to wait on what the big announcement is all about soon.
    There does not seem to be great Graf viss out there

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