Enterprise: Enraged – World of Warships

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American premium Tier 8 aircraft сarrier, cv Enterprise gameplay as mid tier.

Enterprise — American promo premium Tier VIII aircraft сarrier.
A Yorktown-class strike aircraft carrier that combined a number of key characteristics typical for this type of ship: a large air group, superbly assembled take-off and landing equipment that allowed it to launch a large number of squadrons, good speed, and powerful AA defenses.


  1. Ahaaaa!! Alexander Ovechkin as captain… 0:21 7u7
    NTRprise still cute cancer :V

  2. Just asking but where are ur videos?

    Seems missing..

  3. People complain tier 8 planes get shred in tier 10 battles, but every other tier 8 ships suffered when uptiered. Stop bitching cv main, cvs are still op. Only difference is average dm declined from 200k to 100k.

    • Boi, you dead wrong

    • Not silly, dont pick those particullary good videos, check the stats, cvs dont even have to deal dm to ruck other class. Just make you turn and show broadside by torping, or fuck your position by using dive bombers, or send rocket planes after you got radarred out of smoke. You dont really play this game dont you?

    • Also in late games when aa modules all broke, who cared aa? Stop defending bullshit and learn the basics.

  4. NTRprise vs Kaga
    What is more good?

    • I favour the Enterprise over the Kaga.Enterprise has the bigger squadron Group. Also the rockets are much better for killing destroyers. Enterprise can have 6-8 Rockets per Plane. The Kaga 4-6.

      Have fund and kind Regards


    • @Dionisos161 lol im Asia server how about you

    • @Dionisos161 Thanks. Then i’ll buy Enterprise.

  5. Toptier

    There are these Ships I wouldn’t attack (Never) as a CV player.
    Salem, Worcester.

  6. Attila Zoltán Szűcs

    omg still doing dmg, need hotfix *irony

  7. finally this was much needed update

  8. Steve Franchise

    What are your opinions on NTC?

  9. is it really

  10. How can you do that good? I’m need to look you up
    You on NA?

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