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Discussing the supposed version of the Enterprise, tier 8 Premium CV for the American . Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful !

Tier VIII American Carrier Enterprise Replay

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  1. No views Squad here??

  2. Principality of Belka

    It says F4U Corsairs even though they’re F6F Hellcats *FACEPALM*

  3. Notser its still not finalized, it’s still missing the Warp Drive and phasers!

  4. Thanks for the info, any chance you can do a video on the Graf Zepplin and how it looks (assuming hey have it finalized like the Enterprise).

  5. Rest In Peace Gneisanau

    Died having fun and being engaged in the gameplay

    • I just got out of a game in which we had actual teamwork and a tight pack of 3 cruisers +1 battleship. The enemy had one carrier and he went for us. He managed to get a perfect HE drop on me for almost 1/3 of my HP before making one more drop and escaping without losing a single plane. #Feelsbadman

    • honestly, they either need to either lean into detonations, or remove them entirely. The fact that they’re so astronomically rare that it’s a waste of a flag slot, but just frequent enough to frustrate you every once in a while, is shitty design implementation. Go the War Thunder route, where aiming for ammo racks is what you’re _supposed_ to do to try and detonate people, or just go full arcade and ignore ammo racks. Trying to be both ways is just overly frustrating, unengaging, and unfun.

  6. Rockets were nerfed into the ground because you complained about them

    • +RandomPhenomenon it is substantually harder, but the american rockets are easier simply because the planes go nowhere fast. they still do next to no damage, even to DDs that you may only hit with 1-3 on average with spikes to 7-9.

    • +Trinal Galaxy True, the biggest challenge I had in Lexington was predicting where a DD would be, since most of them learned and turn their AA off now once you passed them, so they go dark. Still, Lexi felt a bit “too easy” after a while for me, yes the aiming reticle becomes rather big if you make sudden moves while engaging but at least US planes put out so damn many rockets at once, I rarely get 300 dmg hits, it usually ranges between 1-3k up to even 6k volleys, for HVAR ofc. And although I nearly had Midway unlocked, I stopped playing Lexi and switched to Shokaku, feels a bit more balanced now with those “weaker” (higher alpha but less pen and fire % and imo less agile aiming once engagement is started) rockets and especially not being able to abuse those US HE dive bombs against DDs.

      ​@Master_Disaster I’m currently grinding Haku, loving Shokaku so far! Of course I heard how “broken” Haku was at 0.8.0 so I guess todays Haku is only a slim shadow of her past self.

    • +RandomPhenomenon I only recently got to lexy, ranger’s damage capability was dismal even before repeated nerfs, at one point it was unplayable due to MM and its shit aircraft so i only have played with a stock lexy. Still, Lexy DOES feel better than ranger ever did.

    • +Trinal Galaxy I can tell you, with the Lexington you will have fun xD. On the ranger I had only 40-60k dmg laps, but now after a habituation phase on the Lexi I have 70-100k. Even though I am 90% in Tier 10 matchup, that does not really matter to me. You can not attack the Tier 10 ships at the beginning, if they still have full-hp. But since you have continual planes, it’s really fun to fight Tier 10. There you have “at least” something to do xD.

    • Very glad the rockets were nerfed.

      As it is, the CVs still have an easy time spotting everything and attacking just because the planes move so fast. If they can do large amounts of damage with little sacrifice and almost no regard for positioning, their damage should be nerfed.

  7. Dont nerf HE bombs, buff AP, they are the only good thing on USN CVs

    • Kyriakos Stefanakos

      I posted this exact sentiment on the boards… WG seems to like nerfing more than buffing. Also, HE damage can be healed, but most of a citadel can’t, but no, comments like those in this vid throw analysis out the window.

    • +Kyriakos Stefanakos I had a idea of like, making it easier to citatel battleships with AP bombs but keep the damage, this way it would deal less damage than HE, but it couldn’t be easly healed

  8. Boy I can’t wait to hear about Graf Zepplin and the true loser of this change….


    • Wisconsam 217 well I’m having good time Kaga comparing to the real T8 trash – Implacable. Oh man, it’s a piece of garbage . Doing 100k is really hard. While I done few times 200k+ on Kaga and doing 120k it’s not hard even on T10. The RN CV is so bad 2 torps per drop that go so slow ! In Haku it’s also 2 but they go much faster and do much more dmg.

    • Graf didn’t fare well breaking 50k is extremely hard because of how badly it scales.

  9. Enterprise AP Bombers are amazing! I did 14 citadels in my last enterprise game and nearly One-hitted a hindenburg with a 30k drop! The fact, that every plane drops 2 bombs make citadel chance very high!
    I dont know why u dont like them…

    • The problem with the AP DBs, is that its basically a game of pixel hunting… HE are far more consistent with dmg

    • honestly the biggest issue I have with the AP bombs is the dispersion reticle, Unless you have a perfectly inline ship you’re going to miss a lot of bombs. And at least in my experience not many ships let you get that perfect drop on them

  10. Alipheese the 16th

    AP bombs ineffective he says, give then enterprise option HE bombs. give IJN CVs the same option then…..

  11. Notser, you havent given the ap bombs a proper chance. Every time ive watched your cv gameplay you dump the bombs at the start of the dive, this really hurts your accuracy. Ride the bombers right down to the deck and you can hit consistant citadels on a variety of ships. 22,200 damage drops with shokaku all day long. Cant wait for big e and some more robust planes.

    • Maybe he thinks the bombs do more pen when they fall from very high altitude 😉
      While AP bombs are indeed pretty ineffective on dds, on the right target they can do dubble the dmg of the HE bombs (20k+) and the dmg can’t be healed back. If executed like you discribed of cource!

    • +Active0815 he does the same with his he bombs. I think he is maybe trying to minimize the amount of time he is over the target, cept theres no point in braving the aa if your not going to do much damage anyway. Who knows.

    • with the Big E you need to drop high to pen the deck on bbs. for crusiers you can drop at any height. if you go too low on bbs you will only do little dmg or your bombs will literally bounce off.

    • +Andrew Johnson while the angle does seem to be modeled, the drop height does not seem to be. So if you wait too long and the planes are beginning to pull out, then yes you will bounce. The bomb doesnt out accelerate the plane in a dive afterall. You can further increase the dive angle by using the slow down boost key while in the dive.

  12. Václav Posledník

    You don’t use fighter in a CV, that has the best fighter consumable in the game. Also show us battle as bottom tier please – especialy in tier 8. Top tier is just dmg farming…

  13. Notser…. its because of you and other DD mains complaining that the rocket planes are now complete trash. You do realize that right?

  14. What about a bottom tier match? This CV is a clear do not buy, very inconsistent, to little XP on average for the work and time compared to other ship types.

  15. I would disagree that fighters are not usefull. You can deny enemy cv from spotting / harassing a friendly dd’s work on capping for example. You can also use them to protect friendly ships (by not dropping your fighter on the friendly ship, but ahead or next to it). Forcing your enemy cv to either chose A)Fly through your fighter “zone” or B) fly around, and that way spend more time in friendly AA.

  16. With regard to AP bombers (on all CVs), reduce your speed in the pop-up manoeuvre, this tightens the aim sight and puts the bombers into a steeper dive, drop above the front guns of the enemy ship (give or take depending on size), and you can reliably get 2-3 citadels per drop. It’s not about buffing or nerfing these things, it’s about knowing how to drop them properly.

  17. I said I DIDN’T want you showing me dying. Lol oh well I finally made it on a video at least

  18. So this is a purchase promo video then?

  19. well, now let’s talking about IJN CV….

  20. Notser: AP Bomber are disappointing…
    whole IJN CV line: Yes and we don’t have other choices…

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