Enterprise: Testing 0.8.7 AA Changes – World of Warships PTS

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Today I tested new AA changes in 0.8.7 test server with Enterprise.
My impression:
– I felt very comfortable against any ship as a bottom tier carrier.
– AA seems weaker than live servers or ex test servers.
– Auto pilot works great, click somewhere and forget it.
– There is no Mino or Wooster in this game but Moskva, Zao or Kurfurst was strong enough for testing. i’m not attacking strong AA cruisers on live server anyway.
– Enterprise because i wanted to test new AA changes as bottom tier.


  1. how do you feel about the new auto pilot?

  2. I like all his vids best carrier Admiral ever!

  3. Question: why does no one use Essex class Carrier??

  4. I miss very much old cv play. :((

  5. It doesn’t seems that bad that i expect…….. did they increase the aircraft hp???

  6. What is that camo on your enterprise

  7. why enterprise ? his havent trouble on live server. need test on saipan as an example

  8. AA is weaker? Mate, the AA is overlapped so youll receive more damage every step you get closer to the red ship and without talking about the instant magic bullshit damage of the priority sector, how many doubloons WG gave you?

  9. They buffed a lot of the squadron sizes/deck reserves as well for the T4, T6, and Shokaku (well for the Shokaku one of them is kind of a nerf)

  10. It was a small game, not sure if this reflects accurately the real in game performance

  11. Do they buff the time for plane regen?

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