Ep 12 Spending Money on World of Warships

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In this episode of World of Warships for Beginners we go over when to spend money in World of Warships. When reaching certain tiers its hard to continue to make enough credits and premium time is needed to stay consistently positive. Here’s a quick breakdown of when is the right time to spend money on this game and on what. In the last episode we went over how to take Maximize Credits and Experience in World of Warships. Hope this helps!



  1. Clear and concise. Thanks for the video.

  2. If you want to get a premium ship get one that is at matches the Tier, Nation and Class of ship you are grinding on. Don’t get or play a tier of ship higher than the tier you are currently on. Keeping the Nation and Class in line can help in captain training and get you some extra credits as you progress. Keeping in your same tier will help you learn and make you the most credits. A higher tier premium has the potential for more credits, but not if you are deleted within 20 sec of being spotted because your skill isn’t there. Not only that but you are doing your team a disservice, and you are more likely to be frustrated and upset because your skills are not there. It also messes up your stats. When I was starting I had the Tirpiz for 3 months before I ever played it because it was on sale, I wasn’t leaving the game, and I knew I wasn’t ready for it. 3 months it didn’t have 1 game played, it was my reward for reaching tier 8 in the tech tree. If you must have the newest and greatest ship out there, or want to grab a OP ship before its gone, and can afford it, go ahead and get it. Just please don’t play it till you are ready, you will thank us later.

  3. Great video! Ended up doing something similar as I progressed in the game. (Purely accidental) Tried several different lines but pretty much settled on German after tier 5. Konigsburg is still one of my favorite ships. I have spent the last year playing tier 8 through 10 German cruisers and my favorite tier 7 “cruisers” the Scharnhorst. My first premium after War Gaming let us use it free for a couple of weeks. I’ve had good luck playing mainly these four ships and building credits, free xp and buying a few Doubloons at a time. Learning how only a few ship play and playing them well is much more satisfying to me.

  4. i i didn’t start losing credits until i was saving up for my first tier 10 till tier 9 i was fine

    • Jim kerman yeah I have to disagree with the vid about the tiers and credit cost. I’m still pretty new and learning (around 650 games) but my biggest earner is my Alabama, I can pull 300k a round profit in her. Tier 6 and 7 seem to be big earning tiers as well.

    • +schneiderphotoMD Yeah, T6-7 is good at credit printing, although sealclubbing is good too

  5. Cool vid. Agreed. Premium time should be the very first thing you invest money into in this game. You should never ever buy a ship or anything else if you don’t have premium time.

  6. I managed to get to tier 10 without a single day of premium except for what they give you for starting. Sell your stock modules once you upgrade a ship. You can find that by clicking on your name in upper left and go to inventory. Sell signals and camos you don’t use. They do you no good sitting there, so turn them into credits. Sell your previous tier of ship when you advance. You’ll get about half of it’s value back which in the higher tiers comes in handy. Sell the mods on it as well, dont bother demounting them it’s a waste of doubloons. Keep the same captain from tier 1 to 10 on your chosen ship class. By the time you get to tier 10 you’ll have a 20 point captain. Grind only a single line at a time. It’s ok to play around with other classes but don’t commit to them until your chosen line is maxed out.

    • Lol, 20 pts captains, that’ll be cool

    • I would take issue with grinding a single line the whole way up. My first was RN cruisers, and that left me in a bad position to do some win-a-ship tasks easily (e.g. lighting fires; I never bought Belfast). It’s better at the beginning to take at least one light cruiser line that can fire HE, one battleship line and one destroyer line up to Tier 5 to give you options in that respect, THEN if you want to specialise, start taking your line of choice up to the top.

    • I got about halfway into USN cruisers before deciding I didn’t like them and moved to battleships. I still play my cleveland, but I have no intention of grinding the line to its maximum. I felt like I wasted a lot of early game time on a line that has paper armor and giant citadels. Had I gone into French BBs from the start I would have been tier 10 months ago. That’s why I advise picking a play style and sticking with it at first.

  7. Spending money when you’re new…

    Couple ways to go about this. As someone who has spent WAYYYY too much money on this game I’ll lay out briefly what I’ve found to be of value and what isn’t.

    *** When buying from the premium shop, make sure you are logged into the right premium shop (NA/EU etc)***

    1. If you’re committed and can/are playing 4 days per week or more, get premium time… the more you buy the cheaper it is. 360 days of premium is $96 which is about $0.27 a day. If you aren’t committed, then go with the weekend pass like Mejash said.

    2. When you get to tier 10… you likely won’t be playing lower tier premiums nearly as much (I mostly play tier 10, I have almost every premium ship in game… I really don’t play them that much). So rather than pay for premium ships, grind the lines, save for doubloons, and buy the tier 10 premium camo when you get there. It’s 5000 doubloons which is about $20.

    3. When you get through a line, if you love it, go back and get the premium in the line to expand your play.

    4. Keep moving your commander up to the next ship. Play all the way through, don’t free XP… only free XP the modules. The closer you can get to 19 points by the tier 10, the better it will be for you at tier 10.

    5. Have fun, it’s a game. The grind mechanic sometimes takes the fun out of it. Set goals, take it slow, enjoy the game… and if you’re addicted, limit your spending, set a monthly CAP… (first world problem, but I went back after a year and tallied it all up… and I now have a monthly CAP… )

  8. Thanks for the video Jash…were you going to also follow up your basic captain skills video with an advanced one, or does that really get to be more ship specific at that point? I’ve got a number of 10 pointers now and will be looking at the skills remaining to pick up. The wiki has recommended captain skills for each ship that I’m acquiring so hopefully those are pretty good and fairly up to date.

  9. TheForgottonLegend

    I just want the Alabama!

  10. it is actual very easy: DO NOT spend money on this game! it’s simply not worth it.
    The only thing, that you will need from time to time are some dubs for comfort options. And the fact that you need to spend money for basic comfort options (retraining a cpt e.g) is so infuriating in itself, that you should not spend anything more. Wg does not care about you, they do not care about ingame ballance and they do not care wether something you can/have to buy in the premium shop is actual worth the money.
    WG is a pretty package, that can include some fun to a certain degree but is mostly full of mummified foreskin and greed-turds of the Devs.

    • I pay people to keep on working at providing good content. Not all of WG’s moves have been top shelf, but my opinion is they have more good things done than not. Plus the great community softens the impact of the negatives. I throw them some cash from time to time to keep the good times rolling. And imho their paywall isn’t horrible balanced in their favor.

    • Angry Pepper shaker

      Sporting1210 I am ashamed to admit I didn’t read the entire comment—too many words. I do agree with the sentiment that you don’t need to spend money on the game. Every penny spent on the game is cool but not required. Be careful though, September thru January are the big selling months.

    • Things are better now for the free-to-play crowd and for co-op players than they have ever been in the year since I started playing. The Arsenal offers some free premiums that can be obtained with a bit of grind work and coal mining, and there are many others that can be (and which I have) won in-game. I pay for some ships and for permacamos because I want to support the company that gave me such a great game; I’ve been wanting something like this ever since I was a kid, and I’m kicking myself for not starting to play sooner.

    • I just started playing WoT, and noticed that you can respec your crew for free by losing some of their XP…wish WoWs did the same instead of requiring doubloons.

  11. I’ve been a player for a while but still gained some good insight from this vid. Cheers Majesh. Happy to be a new subscriber.

  12. When I was a new player, I bought the Atlanta because it looked fun when I saw it in game. I wasn’t even close to being ready for it, I thought the ship was junk but I was just too new to use it properly. You are going to save yourself a lot of aggravation by not buying a ship at a particular tier until you have at least grinded a ship line to that tier.

    • Or at least to the tier below, but I agree with you in principle. If something high tier is dirt cheap and a bargain too good to refuse, it might be worth setting aside or playing with in the training room until you are truly ready for it. I should have bought the HSF Harekaze somewhere back in August, but I let go because I didn’t feel ready for T8 destroyer play. By the time I made up my mind to go get it, the licence had expired and the ship had to be withdrawn from sale, probably forever.

  13. hmm… I use to buy doubloons occasionally to retrain and reset captain skill.
    but ever since they put radar in game… I stopped… completely.
    they do something I hate so I stop support them. =w=’a
    this is personal opinion though.

  14. Unless you have more money than you know what to do with, *do not* spend real money on this (or any other free-to-play game) until you’ve played it for a month or two, at least! As Jash mentioned, the first hundred or two battles you play are generally going to be the most fun–you start off in low tier, protected matchmaking (so you’re only playing other new players and/or bots), you progress through the first few tiers very quickly regardless of premium time or not, and everything you’re doing is still new and challenging. As you get past that first stage & hit the mid tiers, then the credit crunch, then (hopefully) get to the point where you _expect_ to perform well in each battle, the game changes from “fun” to “grind”. By waiting that extra bit of time, you’re going to have a better idea of exactly how much you enjoy the actual game & whether this will be money well spent. To say nothing of having a much better idea of where that money can be _best_ spent.

    Once you’ve got to that point, try to wait for the annual Christmas sales before making any major purchases (a year of premium time, high tier premium ships, large amounts of doubloons, etc.). In particular the “Santa crates” have traditionally offered a high rate of return on your money spent; the catch is that you don’t get to choose exactly what you want from those crates, but that can be a benefit as well–I’ve pulled premium ships that I never would have bought on their own via Santa Containers, and wound up greatly enjoying them (Okhotnik comes immediately to mind).

  15. Angry Pepper shaker

    Just stumbled onto this subseries on your channel. I like it—a lot, this is exactly what new players need to know going in. You also present it in a professional “know before you buy style.” Its important that new players get encouragement vs “weekend warrior” hate. Keep it up!!

  16. Great Vids!! wish I had them to refer to about 2k battles ago….. I might be a slow learner 🙂 Don’t forget some of the give aways on full ahead. Thanks again

  17. I love watching your guides even as a more experienced player, i wish they were here back when i started (you had another video similar to this though). I would just like to point out that for people who want to buy limited amount of premium they should save resources to make best use of that: using good camos and xp flags can go a long way. Playing through one of these special events is good for that.

  18. My general rules:
    1) Spend only on ships, permanent camo and port slots. These give you ongoing usefulness for the life of the game.
    2) If you know you’ll be playing regularly over time, spending on a large chunk of premium time for less cost per day is arguably worthwhile.
    3) Spending on anything that goes away when used once is not a good idea.
    4) Low-tier premium ships can be useful as captain retrainers for new players, and won’t get them out of their depth. Some of these can be obtained for coal and should not be bought for money. Check first in-game to see what you can get for free and grind out resource containers to get it.
    5) Ships that are being sold for stupidly cheap prices (e.g. Smith and Tachi Lima for $1US a piece) or massive discounts are more precious than gold; keep an eye on the premium shop to learn what they normally cost then snap them up when they’re bargains, even if you have to set a higher-tier ship aside until you’re truly ready for it (you can always have fun with it in the Training Room for zero cost). I made a dreadful mistake not buying the HSF Harekaze when I could, and now she’s not available any more and probably never will be.

  19. Maybe the problem is ‘the starting part of the game is fun’. Shouldn’t the whole game be fun?

  20. thanks for the great video. Could you please make one about credit management for T9 and T10. Hard to make profit in every game at those tiers.

    • I will yes but much later in the series. Trying to stay cronilogical with someone leveling up. But high tier is very hostile for credits. Flags/camos will help but overall throwing in a game with a premium will keep you positive overall

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