EPIC 1 vs 6 || Kamikaze R – 9 Kills – World of Warships

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►How can you send me a ?

►or upload the replay here http://wowreplays.com/Upload

►Amino: http://aminoapps.com/c/best-world-of-warships-replays

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  1. the realm of obviousness where BBs keep on sailing in a straight line

  2. Wow 3K EXP

    why did nothing last Wyoming btw lol

  3. Call Greenpeace, sooo much sealclubbing. ;p

  4. that Wyoming is dareal mvp

  5. よしだですけど


  6. WTF did I just see? Awesome, lovely, great, cool etc.

  7. so the vid cuts out dod that Wyoming detonate?

  8. this ship is for people that go to elementary school to bully little children.

  9. Carvalho o último foi fofa Zica Hen Like like like like like

  10. I can’t call him hero,that’d be an insult…he’s a legend

  11. That Wyoming captain in the end was amazing. He got it wrong on so many levels lol great play tho!

  12. Zirorab Ohm Tookukimie

    WoW you Legend

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