EPIC 348k dmg, 4782 base XP Minotaur || World of Warships

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  1. 230k plane damage 😮

  2. incredible game!!!

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the world record of planes destroyed since the rework

  4. wow… A GG if I’ve ever seen one. Also, a very well deserved Kraken and 149 planes is… damn man! I wish I can do that with my Mino (still in potato stage here). 🙂

  5. GG well played, death to all CV’s 🙂
    4 in a T10 game, FFS, this has become the norm in games below T10 so I basically play maybe 1 game below T10 then all T10.
    The fact that he got to shoot down 149 planes shows that there MIGHT be an issue with to many planes on the fuking map WGing, you stupid turds 🙂
    Well played Mino.

  6. This Minotaur and its captain were like Neo from The Matrix.

  7. holy sh*t, amazing skill, really well played

  8. The best game I’ve ever seen.

  9. GG Mino..

  10. Why their CV keep feeding planes to the mino. Anyway, great fking game!!

    Im a main DD, but bc of this CV meta, i have to actually grind DM, Worcester and mino rn =.=!

  11. Дмитрий Е

    149 plane – impossible

  12. What a game! and down 4 ships and ~500 pts.

  13. The last part was fucking intense, GG mate. o7

  14. Holy Hell, still got goosebumps D: best mino video evah!

  15. cv’s shouldn’t have unlimited amount of planes

  16. Unbelievable ?????

  17. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    no medal for 149 plane kill 😀 how much we have to kill for clear sky medal tho 😀 did it removed after cv rework 😀

    • Ali Tayhan Tanrıver yes they removed it until further notice. Something about finding the balance of how many planes are needed to be shot down

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