EPIC 361K DMG Des Moines – Halsey’s Dream || World of Warships

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  1. First comment.
    For starters, the title is right, starting with an epic amount of damage, even if it is not a global DGM or Server record.
    Second, to judge by the mode of operation of this player, I think he is a captain of Des Moines quite average, given that he did not act particular or radically different from other captains of Des Moines that I have seen in the games of this channel, except for those who have chosen to swoop against their enemies in an aggressive way in the friendly team or in the team of the enemies.
    Third, look at that epic failof that enemy Minotaur at 6:58, showing its huge citadel to a heavy cruiser … hopefully it has not been deliberately.

    • You can’t get this amount of damage without idiotic enemies 🙂

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      yes he is quite an average Des Moines captain. 72,3% win rate in the DM in 268 battles (server average 49,7). Average damage on the DM 121.000 (server average 66.000). Yes quite an average Des Moines captain….Jesus.This was a TEXTBOOK Des Moines play.

  2. Des Moines + Halsey = DES MEMES.

  3. That was awesome!!

  4. ohh hes using Gaydar.

  5. 12:14 Lucky thing

  6. That was awesome how he killed that Conqueror – would not have been possible without that reload buff.

  7. Fecking DesMogumo

  8. 12:09 ROFL stomp … D E N I E D !!!

  9. Well you need 12 flooding or fire in one game to complete one challenge Im trying to do but its impossible only if I play Midway but hate playing cv.

  10. His buddy in the Salem must have just bought that ship, he was not a lot of help. A division of a Salem and a Des Moines is pretty cancerous, but they didn’t stay together. BTW anyone want a Newport News- Des Moines but with Massachusetts secondaries?

  11. 3900 base xp is the highest I’ve ever seen in the game. Good job man.

  12. na server is so low 😀

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