EPIC 9 KILLS KLEBER 270K DMG – T10 French DD || World of Warships

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  1. i wish world of warship legends would receive the same treatment as world of warships.

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    What a shame… GG ?

  3. Lol where is Luigi? No Luigi No Gay

  4. Very good Capt, maybe a bit too bold. The rest of the team…my god.

  5. omg … error 404 team not found !

  6. That guy getting overly excited about winning a tirpitz.

  7. I can’t even survive for 9 mins…

  8. Ya watch a playback and scroll down for Luigi’s comment lol

  9. This happened because people cannot understand the Kleber’s sheer fire power yet. Look at the amount of AP damage on those cruisers and the power of reload booster. Damn. But I believe Kleber should have slightly more hp since she is a gunboat and has no access to smoke.

    • and no heal….

    • True, BUT very manoeuvrable. If it had everything, it would be rly OP. Herer this is a powerful ship that forgives no mistake.

    • @JeMaCoFra I know but she doesnt have everything anyways. The lack of heal for a gunship and absence of the smoke screen are huge stepbacks for DD lines. That’s why a slightly buffed hp could be better. Look at the amount of hp lost from that battleship’s AP salvo. As the tier increases (mostly) player level increases which makes DD maneuvers slightly less dependable.

  10. they gave the right player this ship ? noice ??

  11. Teammates such a letdown

  12. 2:20… bet that DD blamed the mino lolol trash players never blame themselves

  13. Holy shit man. That was amazing.

  14. good game, but the teammate is just annoying…

  15. Great game. Too bad it was a loss.

  16. very great job but, at the end, finishing Moskva with guns was not a good idea . Preferable to wait one minute and try to kill it with torps

  17. Intelligent Vegetable

    Heya, what’s the captain skills when activated? I think a dev strike=fire chance +1%?

  18. MackDye Transformers

    When potatoes make you look like a god. Lol I wish this many plans would just go broadside to me for no reason.

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