EPIC AP POWER – Hindenburg || World of Warships

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  1. 23k to monty Lol

  2. that is a good Hinde-player. enjoyed that one

    • Good in terms of positioning and target prioritisation. But horrible at correct ammo selection. There were so many times when they should have been using HE/AP and doing the reverse. Example being that Nose-in Conqueror. Should have been firing HE there. The Z-52, should have been firing HE at that. The broadside Bismarck, should have been firing AP.

      It’s frustrating because that performance could have been even more spectacular.

    • your prolly correct

  3. they love advertising themselves with damage count in the chat 😀

  4. TheDoubleace191


  5. More luck than brain

  6. Keep up the good work on your vids

  7. That Allsauce took a full load of torps to the face.  Lucky he survived.

  8. 9 mins in the game, arsonist, witherer, not a single AP shell was fired I believed lol, such AP power 😀 even I fire more AP shells with zao in 9 mins.

  9. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    This is more like a mixed DMG game not only AP DMG, which is actually the strength of the Hindenburg. All there: TORP, HE and AP DMG along with a sturdy ship that can tank. I think the Hindenburg is so strong as it is versatile and not dependent on a specific situation. In any case, the Hindenburg is one of the most engaging ships to play. A real Swiss pocket knife at tier X.

  10. Hinderburg is the new Zao lel

  11. The YY was utter garbage. He should stick to playing IJN DDs.

  12. The title is slightly misleading. Without the final results screen, it’s difficult to know the comparison between HE and AP. Yes, when needed, the AP ripped up serious damage but he didn’t fire AP until over 11 minutes into the match. By then he had racked up 2 kills, 175K damage, 144 HE hits, Torps (1), Flooding (1), Fire (13), Witherer and Arsonist badges. Still an awesome match. He did very well with angling and aim.

  13. Lesson of the day : You should play Hidenburg equiped with hydro, not def AA

  14. 10:15 dat torpedobeat tho o.O

  15. Thomas Baughman

    Thumbs down for scroll zoom

  16. Such a beautifully ship.

  17. fauzan ramadhan

    Hindenburg are the most balanced thing in this game , i have hindenburg too and i’m always enjoy to play it

  18. 13:15 he Cant penetrate AP like Moskva but make Huge damage with AP against bb Broadside thats why i love Hindenburg even im only a bb player????

  19. Use sonar better than increase AA

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