Epic Battle Replay with the USS Montana in World of Warships (ReUpload)

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Another epic battle replay with the USS Montana! 173k Damage, Kraken, Close Quarters Expert and of course, my epic commentary 😛 I love this ship a lot, so much fun to play and very capable now that it is no longer ridiculously punishing to play!


  1. Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

    IT WORKED! 1080P!

  2. 360p version best version.

  3. USS no-citadel

    Honestly just give it NC or Des Moines citadel, WG overbuffed, allowing potatoes to go unscathed

  4. Why do i love this class more than the Yamato/(other class here)???

  5. Tanks/Ships and LOL

    Great video’s man, I love that I can learn lots from them both historically and about the game. Love the U.S battleships, and Quick Tips for the New Mexico and its bad sigma values? Nice battle btw

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