EPIC BB PUSH IN RANKED =) World of Warships

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  1. Wow Best Republiqe performance yet. Impressive when people do well in a ship a lot consider to be poo.

    • 9/10 BB play like this GK : Late and clueless.

    • Kazeshini Hasagi

      CraftySnail if there is no torps to sink ur brawling

    • Vaisakh Nambiar

      It’s not poo. It’s just not your regular battleship at T10. With good aim and positioning, this thing is monstrous in both brawling and range fighting.

    • I do agree that it is not a bad ship as i said that poeple consider it to be but it is a big slave to rng.

    • Vaisakh Nambiar

      In my short experience in space battles, they hit perfectly 90% of the time. And they hit very hard. That reload anyway compensates for lesser guns. Only problem is focus fire. Melts like mozzarella. Yes, no one can escape focus fire but this thing will melt pretty damn fast.

  2. Wow, cool gameplay

  3. Let’s make a deal; Don’t publish any more of the scroll zoomers. 🙂

  4. 7:35 jesus christ

    • andreas pedersen

      Brawling with a Yammie is NOT recommended. If a BB gets on the side it is toast. Have a few dev strikes on Yammies in the ranked season in my Conqueror. once a +60K in a Battle where i was locked down by a Conq and Yammie at B2 at the same map. So the Yam pushes forward first, and i get a Perfect angle into the citadel. The puss in the RN BB was hiding behind the island instead of pushin up. so he was backing up all the time and i deicided to ram him… too bad he had a ram flag. got 237K in that ranked game, but he survived and they won on points.

    • “Actually, Yamato has excellent belt armour, ”

      Actually no… she has the weakest belt of all t 10 bbs.

    • ACTUALLY yes. Yamato has a 410mm main belt, which is the thickest of the tier 10 battleships. I just double checked. The problem is, behind it is just the citadel, where other battleships have a turtleback or the citadel at least sits a little lower. When you get shot broadside at close range, belt armour doesn’t matter. It’s the citadel layout and angled deck that will save you, and Yamato has a high citadel with no armoured deck.

    • “The problem is, behind it is just the citadel,”

      That was my point obviously.

      It is the t-10 bb with the worst cit protection and absolutely helpless when being engaged from anything else than the front.

      “When you get shot broadside at close range, belt armour doesn’t matter.”

      Wrong, turtleback saves a lot of ships when they are engaged broadside.

    • Kekel Man Turtleback is not belt armour. Yamato has a strong belt, but no turtleback.

  5. uKaf*まっちゃ


  6. Timon Abramovic

    Very good play from the République side…
    very very bad play from the other BBs side: The Yami and the Conq basically ignored the immediate threat which they had by the République and rather shot at other targets than the one which is a close threat to them…
    Thus, even though you have to give credit to the good BB Player…you have to consider the terrible potato play from the potatoes on the other team 😉
    Thumbs up anyway!

  7. “Republique is a bad ship blablabla…” SURE 🙂

  8. DELTA power !

  9. This is not epic – this is how BBs should play – but noobs at tier X still don’t know that. This is why GK is best BB for ranked. But “expert CC” will say that it’s not true.

    • Kazeshini Hasagi

      wino0000006 well..u cant go full ape mode sacrifice points and a good ship at inc dd torps..

    • Vaisakh Nambiar

      They need to play smart. Not push and brawl every enemy boat that they see. It doesn’t work that way in ranked usually.

    • Yes it works – if you do hard push one side then you overwhelm enemy because they are usually split between two caps mostly in 5:2 ratio. With proper formation: DDs in the front, then BBs and at the back CAs you are crashing the enemy.

    • Personally like montana for ranks ….
      Its not a hard brawler like GK or super shells like yamato or he flames like conq…
      But an all rounder that can hit hard when played right

  10. Epic, just epic..

    No one citadel on conqueror, what a joke srly..

  11. tolles Video

  12. Aleff Zezinho Zezinho Gomes Zezin

    It´s crazy

  13. Alen El Mustafa

    Really, the Republique leaves a broadsiding Hind and shoots towards the DD, very pro indeed! Lucky the enemy team is a heavy noob team, and that Yamato player is special one lol

  14. i dont believe at my eyes…..incredible… cheapou

  15. WOW. He just said: HOLD MY BEER! And showed them. This reload time is insane, and murdering seemingly non-related cruisers was just cruel :]

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