EPIC CV Replay – Hiryu – ranked 1 vs 5 || World of Warships

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Player: IJN_Taiho
Map: Neighbors

Battles/Hiryuu/6 /9 achievements/Solo Warrior/Clear Sky/Witherer/Double Strike

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  1. just wow….. gj man !

  2. достойно похвалы!!! еще бы мастер ближнего боя !!

  3. notification squad

  4. Impressive stuff. Awesome battle. Great video. Tnx Panzerknacker.

  5. Джанбулат Дж

    лайк хорошо сыграл молодец

  6. BIA World of Warships

    Best CV replay ever; just straight up outplayed them. That was lovely to watch.

  7. Nishitha Sapukotanage

    Guys I wish I could play cvs if they had proper experience gain

  8. WOW, this portions, this must be ranked battle! Congratulations! because Ranked battle are all tough snacks!

  9. Wargaming should be more generous to those skillful players.

  10. This was fantastic to watch

  11. REKT delivery.

  12. ummmm I have a question? what if there is only one plane in a squadron

  13. Best game ever.

  14. Thank you very much for uploading this!!! <3

  15. Nothing to add here but good job. What a carry…

  16. Di un chi tai dugi oooo cha tamuth!

  17. what do you mean

  18. The gods of RNG blessed him EXTREMELY well… Well, he used up all his RNG quota for the Summer on this 😀

  19. amazing carry, wows economy still broken.

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