Epic duel! aSHITaka against 4 DDs at same time || World of Warships

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  1. CoolMan / DeutschlandCraft2004

    First at WOWS video! First at everything!

  2. Its hurt my eyes. Why he does switch HE? 😀 Instead of shooting overpen only.

  3. Panzerknacker confirmed as Flamu’s viewer 😀

  4. So good to see all these dd rats die

  5. Thx for using my replay Panzer. o7

  6. Very well played , Ashitaka now it’s a very good and dangerous ship to enemies. The volume of fire power especially against T5 is devastating, 10 410 mm that have Amagi pen every 30 sec? Hoho… poor NY and Kongo, this also goes as fast as Kongo.

    • SebaX And it has suprisingly good armor if you angled properly. After recent shell type buff its good ship for hanging around Tier 7.

  7. So he calls his teammates “Lemming Train imbeciles” because they don’t turn around to engage the enemy who is capturing B but he pings his own Position because he’s one of the last ones in this Lemming Train and closest to the enemy….? What a great teammate he is. xD

    • In case you missed, i spawned at west and entire friendly team at east lemming to west and deserted the east flank. I need to chase the ships to the border like braindead and lead the ‘best team’ to lost? Good tactical and observence skill detected. Sorry mate for dissapointing you.

    • Exactly. Bayern’s job was west, Mutsuki ran away like headless chicken instead of (being torping DD) slowing enemies down. He simply left his NY (which was the only ship with some brain there) to instantly & uselessly die. On the eastern flank again – idiots glued to the border, going deep south nobody knows why.

      Best carrying games are always done when you have potatoes not only in the enemy team, but in your team as well.
      GJ fighting all those DD, you deserved the Kraken there – but as soon as you only faced DD you should really switch to HE…

  8. A****taka

  9. The 4 DD can’t even torpedo attack one Ashitaka…no offense to the player here but those are some potato opponents.

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