Epic fight! 8 frags on the gearing || World of Warships

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  1. Good old Gearing

  2. Ships spoted

  3. Mr Kill Securer.
    How can he have 3.4s reload time when Gearing has 3.0s reload time stock?? Even with turret traverse mods it doesnt get to 3.4s reload.

  4. Thats why squad schould be balanced against squad. Not random 45% monkeys

  5. When looking around, use that right mouse button so your guns stay on target, GG

  6. why use those torps and not 16k torps?? I dont know if that trade off is worth it. Anyone care to explain that for me?

  7. Wow, what a good game between good players, on both sides! The DD vs DD fight was spectacularly exciting, and I enjoyed watching the last Blue Team member intelligently running away from the fight at full steam, to win by points.

  8. que animal por dios

  9. The renaissance man

    A great kill steal streak but a overall good game nice carry

  10. Russian Bias always protect.

    Nothing interesting happened until (7:30)

  11. Fun to watch. One is forced to use faster torpedoes against better opponents who consistently vary speed and direction.

  12. Pretty lame really .

  13. 37k kraken, what a thief.

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