EPIC Finale! World of Warships Gameplay

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World of Warships The Epic Finale! 3 Kills in 5 seconds!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Robyn Cimino-Hurt

    I have definitely seen this one before. There have been a couple of
    instances where I am sure this was the case. Repost offence!

  2. Gottfried very honorable german name :)

  3. Baron do u know what Gottfried is on English when translated exactly ? It’s
    God’s Peace and it’s one of the names considered old or nazi-like cause
    it’s too german

  4. bad torping skills.

  5. Oh, and another thing, not being a smartass or anything: Unless you are
    absolutely certain you’re gonna hit it’s not such a great idea to fire all
    your torps in the same direction. Do one spread going for where he’s
    currently heading (often where the targeting thing shows if he’s going
    straight) then wait a lil while and do another in the direction he will
    likely have turned when spotting the first ones. Just dumping all in the
    direction the targeting suggests will only ammount to something if the
    target derps up and keeps going straight for longer than is advisable, and
    even then it’s pretty easy to dodge given the speedboat handling of ships
    in the game.

  6. Hey Baron, you can hold down left ctrl to enable mouse cursor and then just
    mouse over the torps or shells at the bottom of the screen to get the
    range, reload time etc, description on consumables etc. Kinda handy

  7. Kenneth “DeathImpact” Tran

    Can I sue you for False Advertisement? It said 3 kills in 5 seconds and I
    only get to see 2 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  8. Baron godfriet is a old dutch/belgium name so you are probably part

  9. Jonathan King (lNomNoml)

    Baron looks more russian than I suspected.

  10. I swear I saw this video before. I remember him talking at the start about
    Twitter followers and going to conventions. My memory is fuckin garbage,
    but I’m almost positive about seeing this before.

  11. how do you get all that info to stay up all the time? like permanent
    display of the info you get when you press Alt

  12. exteremeJUGGERNAUT


  13. Don’t worry baron. Two last second kills means no gulag.

  14. Baron do you even AP against Cruisers? …seriously dude AP FTW!

  15. Baron try not brawling with a St Louis in Kuma. Just give him Torpdus! No
    just give Every One Torpdus ’cause some dumb DDs don’t try to dodge ’em and
    they get one shotted

  16. Jazzyistcally Orsum

    I need better notifications when you are streaming. I live in Australia :D

  17. Baron, you gotta adjust your torpedus aim when the target is turning. The
    aim prediction only works if they stay in a straight line, so your torps
    come up short

  18. what do you press to see the names?

  19. baronvonbuilds or Auschwitz!!!

  20. Will there ever be submarines in WoW???

  21. Which is better, Baron. Fewer torpedoes and a faster reload or more
    torpedoes ad slower reload times?

  22. Could we get some more heroes and generals?

  23. Arr, Baron. Ye’ haven’t the skill of a true captain like I.

  24. Barron dude put your face in the top left corner cause it’s blocking the

  25. Didn’t you uploaded this video already?

  26. Vlado Stračiak (WoWa)

    Hey Baron do the Bfw.Tiger Porsche

  27. l like for this game on ps4

  28. man in high castle is coming out sometime in November

  29. always use a narrow torpedo spread on ships so up close, like that St.
    Louise was

  30. Sorry for the repeat, but I wanted to know what is the time you most likely
    play World of Warships?

  31. im just here sitting and screaming he should use AP

  32. Good vid Baron <3.
    WHen are you streaming, though?
    It's really hard to catch you mate cuz im in Europe. Mate.

    Yeah. Mate.

  33. you should consider using AP shells with Murmans against Phoenix,Kumas and
    other cruisers tbh

  34. why do you mostly play really low teirs?? they are boring

  35. Lol Baron almost torped a teammate


  37. Intense af baron??

  38. What is his twitch schedule?

  39. “We will have a rectum” that is how I interfered that.

  40. As for what ship to play next, I would like to see a Gearing gameplay

  41. Hey Baron! Keep up the good work, man!

  42. if your uncle jack help you to get off a horse, will you help your uncle
    jack off a horse?

  43. I love your videos man keep them up, especially that triple kill, From
    cornwall in the uk.

  44. baronn

  45. hi Baron :)

  46. I wish the Facecam was gone, but I still love watching you

  47. Yay! One of the first to comment!!

  48. Wow gg

  49. good game

  50. Third yess

  51. first

  52. jeroen rademakers


  53. 1st had to be done

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