Epic Monarch Clutch! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. My favourite t7 in the game. British bias I suppose.

  2. I love the monarch spartan, just don’t have a good build yet lol

  3. Amazing game spartan

  4. Awesome, what a spectacle!!! Personally I love Using HE on certain ships *cough cough Scharnhorst* and this is no exception. Monarch and all the Brits have got those United Barbecue boats FIRED UP-

  5. SovietIronBloodPanzer

    Well done!

  6. Monarch best t7 British bb in the game hands down. Great game spartan

  7. Nice run. I have a saved video of me on a 1 v 5 using Jean Bart and I kill a CC just before the timer ran out to give us a 2 point lead. Stealing a win is always fun.

  8. Hey Spartan. I have the 35% off coupon for a ship. Just curious what ship you might recommend? I have the Arizona, Nelson, Mutsu and the Hood. Those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. Thanks.

  9. Mikołaj Olkiewicz

    Finally , some other ship . Thank you Spartan that was great idea to make video with this ship , next video I look to your Patch notes for new campaign . Good job

  10. hey spartan try the monster monarch in a video

  11. Nice game Spartan

  12. A slight recommendation Spartan, switch Gyrating Drillbits out for Criss Cross. The little bit of extra speed helps out so much more than ~7% more AP damage. I run a speed/accuracy build on Hood and it is extremely good. Speed helps battleships stay relevant in a match. Good gameplay regardless

  13. That was a great match.
    I had the Warspite years ago as a chest reward if I remember correctly before I lost my old account.
    My favorite ship and it was brutal especially close quarters.
    I watched a Jingles video where he got into the ship’s history.
    Very cool.

  14. GG that was epic!

  15. I say it again you are one of the best players I have ever watched

  16. Monarch have a low HP … Only 53k … but the super heal make she a Powerfull tank

  17. loved it, great to see those cruisers get smashed. I always get bloody overpens.

  18. In the hands of a skilled player this is my favorite ship. My most consistent 150-200k damage ship, while getting fire proof and dreadnought while still having half or more health after the game.

  19. You have to make so many mistakes, over a long period of time, to lose in a dd against a bb in this game.

  20. I’ll point this out again, overpens are way past getting out of hand in this game. It’s getting to the point I’m getting about 90-100% overpems against almost all cruisers at any angle, even through the bow. Its getting so bad I’m starting switch to HE and reserve AP only for other battleships. Even my British bbs are around 70-80% overpens vs cruisers.

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