EPIC Montana Nailbiter 381K DMG || 4576 Base XP || World of Warships

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  1. >Yamato pops up on his broadside
    >”I wonder how he’s gonna live through this”
    >*Yammy fires HE*


  3. 5:38 Penetrated Torpedo 🤣

  4. Khaba’s take full pens. Suppose he realized that before or after the yolo? 😀

  5. A genius Yamato shouting HE on a broadside Montana. Very clever.

    • I even don’t know why this yamato have to flank and show its board side, his 460mm cannon can pen montana’s ass easily but montana can’t do this from front. Also that epic SALEM turned out side of the island, let Yamato killed it easily. And that MASSA go on straight lol. That khaba is really stupid playing that rush to BB but no torp. If it keep 10km away and full speed. You know that. No one can easily hit it.

    • Admiral Borsalino

      Some dd players think that they are invisible and cant bb players hit them until they find some of them that can track and hit the dd at a range of 12 km. As a bb player i can hit dds at a range of 13 km. Now that the subs are coming some players must use their brain at last.

    • @Admiral Borsalino Yeah actually DD is easy to hit if it’s slower than 40 knots in 10km range,you can easily hit it if you have a nice main gun like Amagi. If DDs playing without brain, it just like free EXP rushing to you:D

    • @Admiral Borsalino I just killed an full HP AKIZUKI in 2 rounds shot by using the Amagi couple days ago. That was easy.

    • Admiral Borsalino

      @Tompkins Weng i have hit a shimakaze at 15km with the yamato when he was full speed. He was crying because he lost 10k hp and sunk 😂😂😂

  6. This game made me lose braincells

  7. You didn’t expect they would build such a huge destroyer, huh Yamato?

  8. So definate that Yamato+Kobayashi camo = Wallet Warrior

    Atago was dickass
    Khaha never looked at patch note-since 2018
    Massa- Self rudder destroyed
    Mino- He think he has bb armor
    Midway-Teach me how to grab mouse with feet

  9. Khabarovsk: I’m about to ruin this Montana’s career
    Montana: No u

  10. Its 8 o clock pm here. But where is Luigi22?

  11. “Local Montana literally to angry to die”

  12. Wooow… The best montana battle …

  13. This Montana should be sunk when she shows her broadside to a Yamato
    Well… HE Yamato… not surprised

  14. We all know this game does not depend how good you are, but depends on how stupid your team and enemies are.

  15. I see good Montana game, I like.

  16. dont you love when your teams has 3 potato DD’s and they die 5 mins in…smh

  17. 9:34 Yammie goes down with a 29k salvo followed by a 54k salvo.

  18. Yeee Haaaa wow what a game Salute!! Impressive 17 Sec reload.

  19. I was wondering how he was going to live with Yammy coming up almost flat broadside then I saw nice orange shells

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