EPIC Scharnhorst 241K DMG – NEVER give up! World of Warships

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  1. man he was shaking at the end =) Thunbs UP for the carry

  2. One thing you have to say very clearly: The intros to your videos are always awesome.

  3. Thx to saturation ^^

  4. If KGV had shot HE, maybe end game should be different. But very good game for Scharn 🙂

  5. Markus Eisenhammer

    Hut ab! That King George could have ended it with 1 HE Hit… I never face that sort of Opponent.

  6. This really should have been a loss

  7. How bad can you be Colorado…

  8. My suggestion to the remaining enemies,sell your T7 or above tier ships,you’re not match of using them

  9. 17:23 how dumb you can be Indipendece ramming a Scharhorst….?

  10. this almost feels like the colorado and the KGV had a deal with him to let him win this, the colorado had his broadside for at least 4 volleys, and the kgv could have easily HE’d him when we was down to 500 hp

  11. That colorado shell all bounse lol

  12. Grumete de agua dulce, incapaz, indeciso, y con una suerte que no te la mereces. Aprende más.

  13. That KGV is a true Gentleman!

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