EPIC SUBMARINE FIGHT !!! World of Warships

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  1. hahahah funny hahha you got me hahahaha

  2. Lol nice one????

  3. Wtf ???

  4. I thought that you show us a War Thunder video with submarines event x)

  5. … oooh you MOTHERFUCKER

  6. Steel Ocean – a much minor game – has submarines. World of Warships, not.

    • Whimsical Pacifist

      Aside from the submarines, would rather that Warships picked up more from Steel Ocean. Shame that it’s abandonware because mechanically it was better ( for example carriers are actually balanced).

    • Abandonware it is, independently of all excuses staff give in Steam forum.

    • More torpedoes? Well, if there’s a real number of torpedoes i see no problem in this.

    • Steel Ocean, average player count last 30 days: 114, world of warships: 2712 through steam alone, which is by far the minority…. 12059 online on EU server right now. i guess there might be a reason for this…..

    • The reason, actually, is lack of propaganda and dead devs.

  7. holy $hit that´s epic

  8. The enemy submarine was a noob, he show broadside too much xC

  9. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


  10. april fool LOL

  11. Great comeback. He really carried his team.

  12. S u c h a c t i o n

    Idk why one of the players decided to blow ballast and sink so far though; fuckin potato didn’t think about the water pressure I guess.

  13. again no endscreen with scoreboard ? I am disaponted x(((

  14. nice. anyone see Uboat?

  15. Well done sir!

  16. Lol I think the guys who Disliked just dont get it xD

  17. I think submarine races are much more entertaining.

  18. I watched the whole thing!

  19. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

    Nice April fool mate 🙂

  20. Dont hate me ?

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