Everything just keeps getting worse | World of warships

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  1. Glad you’re going to continue to create content. WOWS plus other games 👍🏽

  2. the whole WOWS debacle pretty much made me go back to Star Trek Online. Now is STO perfect no they have lootboxes and plenty of other stuff wrong with it, but they have been good on making actual good content and the Communitys great. i may go back to Wows Ocassionally but since Yukon Wargaming has lost all faith from me. As for u Canadain keep the vids coming Cant wait to see the day u reach 10k subscribers.

    • Yeah, I went back to Sto a couple of months ago, haven’t been back to wows since then. Not to say I won’t be back in the future, but not as it stands now.

    • @BArro390 like I said it aint perfect by any standards but it’s still better than warships at this point of time even better than Swtor which does require you to pay just to access basic functions(like chat) in the game. They’re also working on modernizing the look of the game the first story arcs have been reworked to look beautiful but it is a slow process.

    • @Tribal Typhoon Very true. They took a huge bite but they’re chewing it unlike a lot of AAA developers and studios who cut and ran when it got tough.

    • @BArro390 i wonder if i can take my matha raptor full dhcs build optimize it and worp to kerrat i love pvp i used to pvp with qin heavy raptor full antiproton dhcs these days it was feds vs klinks and the feds always were complaining for the cloacking A strike combo nostalgia.

    • @ted5567 Antiproton dhc’s are elegant weapons for a more civilized age.

  3. Reinhardt Rossouw

    Decided a week ago I won’t be spending another cent on this game due to their f…up with the partnership program. I’ll play, but I will get ships with resources, that’s it.

  4. In addition to boycotting WG by closing your wallet. anyone doing WoWs videos/reviews should stick to tech-tree ships, stay true to the free to play mantra.

    • That’s the best idea I’ve heard so far! We should start posting this in other channels as well. May I copy and paste your comment elsewhere?

    • “In addition to the player-base boycotting WG by closing our wallets, anyone doing WoWs videos/reviews should stick to tech-tree ships and take away WG’s free advertising of Premium products, hit WG where it really hurts!”

    • I changed it up a bit

    • even though i do it mostly for myself it just hit me and i deleted all my Premiumvids^^ I mean, its about the statement isnt it

  5. i havent spent a dime since Puerto Rico, have been playing Free since then, the only premium ships ive been buying are from doubloons ive gotten from daily containers and ranked.and coal or steel.

  6. Love how this man rants.

  7. Incompetence is when you did something wrong, but didn’t realize it at the time. When you’re told you did wrong and choose to both ignore it AND repeat it, deliberately and consciously, that is no longer incompetence. That’s malice. Or rather, that’s Wargaming.

  8. Dude, how do you only have like 800 subscribers? I have only watched a couple of your videos so far, but you provide great, insightful commentary while also providing some thoughtful, eloquent ass-reaming. I don’t even play WoW on PC (I’m a console guy), but take my sub!

  9. Depressing? I think the whole kerfuffle is absolutely hilarious. I just wish we had a spy in the WG offices so we knew what is going on there right now.

  10. You know shit hit the vent (not even fan anymore) that the old man Jingles walks out with stating their CC program as toxic relationship.

  11. This has been on the cards since the porta potty xmas rip off, and it is sad to see a lot of cc’s leaving but it is good to see them support each other, I don’t think this will impact WG at first, but may take a month or two, but has Jingles once said the money and the game is aimed at players who don’t watch YouTube content just log into the game and want to sink ships using a card to purchase the best ships etc. And not the player who follow CC’s channels love playing the game and going on the forums and spend some money now and then just to support the game.

  12. Agree. Jingles got me into wows, loved his statement. Leaving while he still has any dignity left. Sit on your wallet don’t spend 1 cent on the game.

    • After 5 years of making excuses for WG? Lmao

    • So now that CCs feelings our hurt you want us to stop buying premiums? I stopped giving WG money after I got tired of cleaning ransomware off client computers. There is also that bit about supporting a foreign economy that has over 1000 nuclear warheads aimed at my family and run by a dictator.

  13. Agreed with everything you said. You’re a good content creater.

  14. 12:00 “keep playing the game but don’t support it”

    here the thing though, even if you don’t pay. You’ll be a statistic for them, “we have all these active players” and all that. You’d be a target for (new?) whales to come in and shoot, you’d be a number for them to advertise to investors to come in and invest in them.

    Hell even if you have the game launcher in the pc and update regularly, they might still count you as an active player. Which is why when Activision Blizzard blew up the latest scandal, people are telling other people to uninstall their games and battle.net

    I know it’s a very drastic course of action, but imho that’s just the reality

  15. You’re really well spoken even when ranting, you’ve gained a subscriber and hopefully I get to see you in game sometime

  16. I’m going to be frank regarding the whole Yuro incident, the thing that i got from all of this is that if Yuro had not spoken about the issue of former CC, or spoke ill on this matter, this fan or whoever it is who put all this information on the air would have gave him a pass. This speaks very poorly of the community as a whole, because if they had really cared about all this, it would have been revealed long time ago. If Yuro said he was going to quit the CC program people on Reddit and Youtube would probably be praising him and willing to look the other way on this stuff

    • Most likely, which is depressing to say. The wows community is remarkably toxic but at the very least, after learning about this hopefully people will vote with their views. After learning about this I decided to dip from Yuro’s content but I don’t think one guy will accomplish much.

    • I had the same thought Contreras.

  17. Ib Erik Söderblom

    Has any German CC’s taken side, other than with WG ?
    WG’s actions made me take up Cold Waters.
    Feels really good sinking Russian ships and subs now 😄

  18. The true test will be when the Repulse comes to the store (if it does and not in some box.) if people buy it, the CC program will be less consequential for them because it shows wallets are still open.

  19. This is probably one of the best response videos to this. I’ve been playing ships for about 6 years and have seen WG stub their toes so many times. However, I agree with everything mentioned here. BTW, your crass delivery was beautiful in so many ways. How screwed up is YT that I haven’t found this channel until today? Dunno. Bravo! New subscriber to your shitty little channel, lol.

  20. You have gained a sub sir, that lego line at the end was so out of left field that I died laughing.

    • I know! Shit gets real when people are calling out for the satanic triangle Lego’s to be deployed! 😄😄😄😄

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