Everything New In Update 12.1 – World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I am so sad that balloon mode seems to be gone

    • It leaked into the real life, apparently.

    • @Matthew If it comes into randoms, it will destroy tha game completely. People already don’t know how to flank or creat crossfire and in the cepellin mode no one does that almost, they all follow the cyrcle. There was games where all of my team was in the middle and I flanked alone and they did write that I’m a idiot. So for me if they add this mod in randoms and on top of that subs in ranked I will deffinitly stop playing the game.

    • The US shot it down

    • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

      Great. So I’ma queue with my Schlieffen and be useless in 9/10 matches because I’m hoping for that 1 Blimpy Mode match…

    • @Ett Gammalt Bergtroll let’s be honest, I was queueing with full secondary builds in randoms anyway.

  2. @PQ regarding the BBs banned in Clanbattles, it is all the BBs that have 30mm Overmatch but not 32mm Overmatch that got the Overmatch basically for free as part of the new generation. The only ship with Overmatch remaining are the ones which are actually balanced around it. I actually think it will be quite interesting so a Clanbattles season with less Overmatch.
    The other restrictions are very similar to last season even if they are somewhat strange. (I can understand limiting Petro/Napoli/Marseile, but why they limit if to 3 French DDs as if anyone would run more…, no idea)

  3. i think the CB ship bans are really interesting, the Marceau/Kleber restriction is the same as last season, so is the Petro/Napoli one, except that Marseille is now excluded from it and is limited separately. The most interesting one to me is the BB ban, they banned all battleships that can overmatch 30mm, except for Yamato, Shikishima and Incomparable. This means that cruisers will generally be a lot tankier against AP, possibly more pushes will be possible with more interesting ship combinations, changes up the meta a little bit, as pretty much every battle there are always battleships with overmatch on both sides. Furthermore, they announced in a dev blog a while back that after 3 weeks (i think) they’ll be limiting the total number of BBs to one per team. So overall, this CB season appears to be more cruiser focused to me, more tanky cruisers available (Marseille being taken out of the Petro/Napoli limit) + a lot less viable options for BBs with overmatch, and later on, only one BB in general. Might even enable some light cruisers to be effective in CB? I think its just a slightly different approach for once, to shake up the meta a little bit, and I like it. Oh and Smaland is banned bcs its just super popular and dominates caps..

    • I disagree with you. If the WG is banning the ships it is because it is totally incompetent in generating a balance for them. If you put them in the game, the players must have complete freedom to use them, after all we suffered to get them, this just shows what WG does the worst for the health of the go game, for this reason the best players are giving up of the game and the matches of getting worse every day to play!

    • The CB ship restrictions make no sense at least from this players perspective. A big why on most of those and why not on others. Despite this, CB is the best run mode in WOS and nothing is close to it.

    • Most of the other game modes, including RB, are really unplayable due to poor play, selfishness, match making (I check potato before each match), and too many other thing such as subs, match throwing, ect

    • @M4DM4X if they are too incompetent at balancing individual ships, then it’s good that they are limiting them atleast. They never cared about the individual player, so this is the closest to a good solution we will get

  4. tl;dr on the banlist for clan wars: most of the restrictions from last season are the same, the exception being that Marseille is now under it’s own one per team restriction. The BBs banned are more so because they either have 30mm of overmatch (Ohio, Kremlin, and Vincent were banned last season, so this season expanded the ban to every other 457mm armed BB) but not 32mm (Yamato, Shiki, Incomp), meaning you’ll have to make some sort of sacrifice if you want overmatch this season (Louisiana being banned is due to “being in early access” (that’s what i think the official response is), but really due to having planes that are not Dutch airstrikes). And smaland is banned because, yeah, it’s smaland, people have wanted it banned for a while because it’s fucking everywhere.

    the part of the update i’m most interested in is the brisbane web campaign. The ship itself is interesting, but the 19 point captain is what i really want. Since I’ve been regrinding all my lines (and putting captains on boats that need captains on them) captain xp has been pretty light for me, so not having to grind one is tantalizing.

  5. Can’t wait for when we don’t have to wait until the battle is over to use our favorite ships.

  6. I was hoping they would tune ASW with the release of new subs. The ASW on Cruisers and Battleship is just too clunky and slow for a new rush of subs coming to the game. I would like to see a small buff to Depth Charges with both depth and detonation times. By the time you spot them to the time you deploy depth charge planes the lead time is too far and the detonation time is too late. Subs are almost striking with impunity lately and I would just like to see it reeled in a little bit.

    The nerf to CV’s in this update seems like a trial right now to reel in perma-spotting. Looks like a good start and hope they take it a little further into the upper-mid tier where it starts to happen. I think alot of us are noticing perma-spotting games happening around 60%-70% of the time now with hybrid battleships in the game now. Cruisers have paid a heavy price since this started happening.

    I would like to see a small nerf to the hybrid battleships to there damage output from their bombers. Maybe a small 7.5% to 10% nerf to influence the play as a battleship instead of playing like a CV. Right now they are just dominating in mid tier games.

  7. The whole ‘ban” list ticks me off. WG thought it was fine for random, but now you can’t play it because it’s OP??? Put all the limits they like – only one of EVERY ship is fine – but NO BANS!

  8. the BB ban in clan battles is about overmatch! only a few oldschool not powercrept overmatch ships were allowed to stay

  9. everytime i go through this i sit with the hope that the new aircraft damage mechanic rolls out but no.

  10. Next patch we’ll have 5 steel as the final reward of the Battlepass at this rate…

  11. 12:09 are you sure about that?
    meanwhile they are launching british subs🫣

  12. Changing the scoring won’t stop blow outs. Just give the winning side another two minutes to kill a few more ships. It’s still going to be a lopsided win.

  13. We need akula class submarines in that game. I think, it is fair.

  14. Do I think the hybrid ships might be the straw that breaks the camels back? I have already faced a few Nebraskas, so yes I do.

  15. Any mention of increased AA effectiveness? No? Strange that.

  16. It sucks there’s no more fun mode to play in the game. Airship needs to be standalone, not mixed into random battles. I guess they don’t want to split the player base queue.

  17. @potato quality I’ve been using legendary mod, full gun boat, full radar build YY and it just a blast. (I’m training for open water radar dds hehehe)

  18. I don’t know if this was misinformation I had heard or just wasn’t mentioned in this patch notes but I thought Free XP ships were going to be moved to other resources after a few updates. I was wondering if this is true, and if it is could you give your opinion on which free xp ship/ships to grind for before they’re gone.

    • the FXP ships are moving into the coal section. IMO the best ship to get of the 4 is the Groningen if you do not already have the Friesland. it is great for doing missions that require you to get ribbons, MB hits, or fires using a DD. as for the other ships i would just go for the tier 9s if you have enough FXP and you can get 2 for the cost of one tier 10 DD. it will make it overall cheaper in the cost of coal later.

    • It was mentioned in both the 12.1 and 12.0 patch notes. PQ also mentions it in this video.

  19. i like when you give positive impact to update i know player base Will always hate every update have add on (and that true) so big thanks give me hope to play this game

  20. I see WG is reworking the economics of the game again that is going to put a huge penalty on Battleship play and the ability to make credits. Sea Lord mountbatten talk about it in one of his latest videos. Bad job wargaming if they do this, going to cause even more players to leave the game

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