Everything New In Update 12.2 – World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Yay, more broken changes

  2. I hate the direction they’ve gone. It’s not even fun.


      I agree 100%. I would love it to be 2017-18 again when the game was fun and no subs no super ships. Just lots of brawling and enjoying the game the way it should still be today.

    • World of Warships Gneisenau Channel Dash

      I concur with your summation.

  3. Colossus not out, or the containers that can drop it? Well that is a shame.

  4. This, this right here.

  5. All I’ve been seeing is double cv and sub matches in the mid tiers. Getting pinged non stop five minutes into a match while getting hit by carriers at the same time usually gets me to quit out a few matches in. I’m not sure what War Gambling was thinking but the other captains in those matches weren’t happy either. Started playing low tiers just to avoid this nonsense.

    • World of Warships Gneisenau Channel Dash

      And they they intentionally make it not profitable to play non premium bb’s at T7 matchmaking. Game is dead to me now. Log in collect rewards play two matches when I have premium otherwise log out. Half the time the mods do not work and always waiting for updates as wg have outsourced that development aspect to the community which they disregard.

  6. Subs being allowed in ranked has me leaning toward sitting out this ranked season.

  7. I would certainly grind out the new US BB line if it weren’t for the fact that they also have planes.

  8. Illinois tanky as a bb but really consistent like a CA? I guess with the trick.

  9. I love the US hybrid cinematic they show where the super cool looking bombs are exploding on the deck of that Georgia. Trying to make you forget, that Georgia is an actual player who had no counterplay options in a pvp game

  10. I have a feeling “that game where he got over 300k” is the same game where I was on his team. I’m not gonna spoil yall.

  11. Mobilis in Mobili

    i love how they keep making ranked unattainable to new players, ive been playing for months and only just got to t8, t10 is at least more months away

  12. my thoughts on this update;
    1) the Illinois looks interesting, but if it is to OP then it will be nerfed by WG after you use your hard-earned RB points to get her. the only question is how far will the nerfs go and will it be another in a long line turned into a port queen. it will be good for missions to get main battery hits in a BB as long as the reload doesn’t take too big of a nerf when it comes.
    2) the new hybrid line means we will have 5 CVs in every game for next few months while players are grinding that line up. time to respec for AA if it even works against those special planes.
    3) the economy changes are a mixed bag, but i think for the most part they will hurt us. the DD spotting and secondary damage really did need an upgrade. but the cut for most other categories will hurt. as a DD main i had a game where i got 186k spot damage and only 26k damage, my score on the winning team was third from the bottom and it was only 600-700 bxp. yet i allowed my team to sit in safety behind islands and farm for free and for being a good team player it cost me a good score. the downgrade to tier 11 ships is just asinine, most players don’t earn much now as it is unless you use big boosters and have a good game, but an average game will likely loose credits for most of us.
    4) the rubber ducks is being used as a test (wargaming’s own words in a past article) for adding mines into the game. reason number 506 why ships will all be sitting in spawns for the entire match in the future. everything they put in the game has planes, spams torps like candy, or everyone’s favorite subs with guided torps.
    5) the battle pass is once again giving lower rewards for resources and the premium pass is giving you a TT ship as a final reward that you can get for free in 2 months anyways. I’ll go with a hard pass on this once again just like the BP for the Nebraska. i will not reward WG for bad decisions.

  13. The planes are officially OUT OF HAND. Getting close to hitting the Uninstaller.

  14. I started out with the japanese BB line and regretted the option for picking that. Once I have reached the Nagato, the game became less fun as subs and cv planes always targetted me first.

    So i decided to make a new acc and start fresh with the german dd line. Its a lot more fun now and have been getting 2 kills per game rather than my nagato gameplay of 1 kill per 3 games

    • Was no reason to start over, could have simply switched lines. At some point you will have all the lines if you stick around long enough.

    • @SininStyle I know that but the issue i had was not having enough slots for the ships as i need doubloons to get more slots. And for me it was hard getting them as each slot costed 300

  15. In 12.2 the German BB’s have all had their secondaries nerfed, for example with full 2nds and flags Schlieffen has gone from 2.2 to 3.2 seconds reload and the larger 2nds are even worse.

    • World of Warships Gneisenau Channel Dash

      I did not see this in the release notes. I might have to stay logged in to see if there are differences in reload speeds on my BB’s.

  16. Manik Samaraweera

    Don’t forget CVs

  17. I mean DC airstrikes are not “more powerful” then Ship DC charges, they just have Superior reach and you don’t have to put your ship at risk. Its literally point and click adventure. In fact ill go so far as to say that Ship DC charges OVER KILL with the number of bombs they launch, it covers a HUGE area but it a guaranteed kill.

  18. I can’t see me lasting much longer now 12.2 is out. One game today was against 1 CV and 4 x Louisianas. It was a sheet show – non stop spotting and an anti-fun Fiesta.

    • World of Warships Gneisenau Channel Dash

      Yeah complete nerf to Brisk. Permaspotted. CTRL-M set a point and take a bio break. Esc out and pick another ship – rinse and repeat. Oy vey so much fun.

  19. Since those four ships will be moving from free xp to coal (one easier to farm resource to another less easy to farm) could we get an overview or review of the ships and opinions on how they perform / role they should fit in and if they might be worthwhile?

    • Hayate isnt worth the 2m fxp as its a combination of 2 weak aspects resulting in a mediocre at best DD. If you are a collector or just want it, cheaper to get as fxp than coal.
      The other 2 are worth it. Not “must haves” but surely worth the cost. I would start with those then decide if you want to dump 2m on meh ship.
      (Just my 2 cents incase PQ doesn’t get to it)

  20. Your hype towards the “OP” new BB in ranked will tank after it starts to explode on contact with Musashi’s, trust me 😉

  21. Hybrids are unique and fun. I also love submarines so pretty excited!

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