Everything We Know About Tier 8 So Far! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Can’t wait until the tier 8 come to the game and thanks you for sharing all the information on what is coming to the game.

  2. Since the path to tier VIII missions have been coming out I’ve been slaying with Balti and Wichita

  3. Infinite Voyager

    In my opinion, they probably should have moved iowa to t8 and moved NC to t7. They could have played around with the fattleship line.

  4. I started over in Legends as I sold ships when I unlocked new ones on the tech-tree, and basically f*kd it up. Seeing all these new ships has me salivating 😛but as I’ve only just unlocked tier 4….they are a looong grind away yet. 😆

  5. Christopher Breidy

    I’m so excited for MAINE. I have atound 750k elite xp on my iowa so i think i’ll unlock it and all her upgrades. I just need more money.

  6. The “Maine” 😉 difference between Maine and Montana are her gun layout. Her turrets follow a 2x3x3x2 layout instead of the quad triples Montana has. And no PC doesn’t have Maine.

    Also Delny isn’t heard of much since she was recently added to replace Khaborask on the tech tree for PC

    • @WolfWorld63 in game she won’t. She’ll only have 10 guns in the 2x3x3x2 layout I mentioned above

    • @ISAFMobius18 okay I guess I’m a bit confused. So she is going to have 2 turrets with three guns, and 2 turrets with 2 guns. Is that correct? If so that is going to be some fuggly ass shit then.

    • @ISAFMobius18 do you know if she will have the some armor layout as Montana

    • @WolfWorld63 Correct. She’ll have the Pensacola layout basically. I don’t know the exact armor values but she should have the same layout as Montana

    • @ISAFMobius18 okay that makes more sense know. I would have used the Dallas gun layout as a example but it works. I just hope that she will be able to stand against her own sister at legendary tier. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

  7. Ibuki good preety solid guns same torps launch angles as mogami
    Room great ship with good guns solid AP penetration
    Delny same as khaba but higher hp pretty much same gun better concealment

  8. So the Lenin is one of the ships that will come back? Nice! Hopefully, they can do the same with HMS Lion and others.

  9. Ibuki is basically a Mogami. I’ve carefully looked at its PC stats and armor, and it’s basically a Mogami.

    Delny is a Khaba mixed with Tashkent. Basically a Tashkent with better torps and Khaba’s 50mm plating.

  10. I Love slow progress, i Like to Explore the Game in a slower progression.i am hyped because the Game Meta changes.always appreciate Spartans comment and analysis

  11. Delny is ok on PC, she just replaced Khabarovsk at at T10 TT ship, I wanna say in February, so she’s not that old as far as being in the game

  12. Malaki Baskerville

    As curious as I am to see how t8 will change things, I am still baffled as to why WG chose not to add British t8 ships. I’m not a huge fan of them (except for the Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, and Conqueror), but I still like seeing a variety of ships in the game.

    • They’ll be coming out later, remember this is only the first batch of T8 ships.
      As to why they didn’t release the British ships in the first batch instead of the Russians for an example, well that’s a mystery

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      @EvilHoBo09 my theory is to have as many different ships in there mind stretching it to the Russians while skipping frnave and Britain but it seems that backfired lmao

  13. i like that theres more content in the game but i dont think ill play it much
    as i dont play VII as much even mostly Tier VI or L* when i have to

  14. ScallywagBeowulf

    So the Iowa, the Tier IX on PC, is not relegated to Tier VII. That’s a shame

  15. I would play more low tier ships.
    I kinda get a kick out of tier 3 and 4. its less stressful and more fun. imo
    I will be grinding Fredy gropes

  16. Not at all looking forward to more carriers in the game. I mean, the best part of legendary teir is how rare carriers are.

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      And legendary tier ships destroy whole squads of planes in seconds for me I’m excited because of midway class carriers which are museum ships will be legendary tier

    • @doomguy .23 from mars
      I shed no tears for carrier players actually having to work for damage as they sit at the back of the map risking nothing.

  17. I feel the Riga and Tallin is better than Chapayev and should follow those.

  18. Super stoked. Can’t wait to have new challenging ships to play and fight against. Nothing feels better than triple citadelling a Yamato with my Siegfried lol.

  19. The inclusion of the main is a curious one to be sure I’m just going to throw this out I think they made a progression decision here and decided that they had a missing link correct me if I’m wrong but on the PC version of the game didn’t the Missouri follow the Iowa before the Montana was available and in the progression it went North Carolina Iowa and Montana Kansas Minnesota and Vermont and it looks like what they’re doing is they’re elevating the fast Battleship line first rather than the slow at the current point in time to keep things comparable the Minnesota I can definitely feel it is going to be included in the succession line to the Kansas and eventually with the Vermont being included as a legendary ship I just think it’s regrettable that they didn’t choose to incorporate it at the current point in time I feel that what they’re doing is giving us a sample kind of like what Spartan you were saying and then once the pool increases they will add additional ships they don’t want to oversaturate the servers but then again sir I will take point of fact and make a comment with the carriers carriers are broken in the game because the maps simply aren’t large enough and with the 15 minute time limit I don’t know sometimes I feel like wargaming is just nervous to extend the matches to the 25 to 30 minutes give or take I can remember matches on Call of Duty and Halo going on for hours sometimes but then again that was a different era I feel like they should give us choices with the online matchmaking to let us facilitate progress play and experiment but needless to say the seasons come once in awhile and then it’s strictly Progressive tier battleships warships again I would love to see simply destroyers versus destroyers carriers versus carriers playlist if that’s what people want to do but see they don’t want to split the gaming population up too much otherwise people will get annihilated I feel like but choices I feel enrich and then you can always use Bots to fill in the missing link that’s just me

    • on PC the Iowa is tier 9 and is directly followed by Montana

    • @Spartan Elite43 gotcha here I was thinking it was the tier 8 on PC save my lack of PC exposure I’ve never had a computer or a terminal that could run the game which is why I had to wait till it made landfall on the console and I was thinking the Missouri was here 9 and Then followed by the Montana in that sequence but legends I think has improved it still I’m looking forward to they Minnesota when it eventually gets included and I’m sure the main is going to be spectacular with her display of fireworks 🙂

  20. FavorableleLoki8

    Thanks Spartan for being helpful to your subscribers.

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