Everything Wrong With World of Warships 2019

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What a year, 2019 was at least not a boring one… I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.


  1. SurvivalMasterMABJ Gaming

    CV: drops rockets at low health destroyer and misses.
    DD: Pathetic

    • Yes. Conspicuously missing from the sins this one. CVs are a mess but they aren’t exempt from those golden “WTF WG!” moments.

  2. How wargaming will react to this?


  3. Makes me glad I stopped playing a year ago now

  4. Puerto Rico was basically why I stopped playing. The contempt WG showed for its playerbase was too much to handle.

  5. If you think the CV rework was bad, what about WG balancing tier 10 gameplay around a ship that has god tier concealment and can go full stealth underwater at choice. Excellent video, could not agree more, yet WG still does not see the CV interaction with surface ships as a problem, even though it’s a disaster.

    • @aljrvh thats not what i said.. i said that there is no counterplay against a cv.. and that they don’t get punished for bad play. and that a cv encourages a camping play style of a whole team… i don’t care about yamato’s orbital striking.. they will miss more shots then they hit. Besides a camping BB doesn;t impact the game that much… as a cv always impacts a game.

      like i said. every ship has 1 or 2 obivious weaknesses.. cv’s not one..

      besides the amount of <50% winrate cv players shows enough about the average cv player base atm.

      yamato can easily be countered... smolesnk counter is moskva, stalin, DM or a HE salvo from any BB.. dd's haven't been a threat since almost every ship has hydro and radar... or when cv's where introduced.. and after cv rework well if almost everyone says its bad for the game? then all of us are wrong.... right......

      before the rework and def AA not doing anything anymore... cv's had to choose where or who to strike... now its just strike... and besides haku and midway don't care about aa anyway.. they will easily strike any ship for 10k in one salvo...

      not to mention the upcoming ap rocket planes.... talking about year of the cv...

      oh yeah before i forget... premium T10 cv...................

      enough said

    • @Re N4me keep wallowing in your own delusional nightmare then. CV or not, people do camp. You can push together, no need to sit in the back. I’ve seen people do it and go for the enemy CV and destroy it easily. All I hear are excuses because you guys fail to adapt and act like spoiled children who are mad that sometimes life’s unfair and things change. Oh wait, that sounds more like grumpy middle aged+ men. Gl hf.

    • @aljrvh Hey millanial pick one.. the under aged kid.. or the middle aged man..

      I guess you ran out of good arguments…
      And like i said.. cv players who get taken out that early are in the 35-47% player base.. and clueless.. but im glad that you ran out of “sensible” arguments in the other part of the discussion..

      Guess your one of those <50%ers aswell then

    • @Re N4me ok Boomer

    • @aljrvh massive response…. but keep guessing

  6. If only anyone at WG would still care about our opinions… 2020: The year of “Well… that’s what YOU want”

  7. 2:45 DING Dimitri Donskoi also has 8 km torps.

  8. So much truth in just 6 minutes. WG, it’s time to close excel and start listen to the community.

  9. +1 sin for making it in February of 2020.

  10. I stopped playing the game in December because of all that. The cherry on top was the Puerto Rico ans it’s infamous grind… And I was playing since open beta!
    WG please stop doing utter shit with this once-so-enjoyable game! Please!

  11. “What are you sinkink about”

  12. Not gonna lie, this was pretty accurate.

  13. And everything looked so promising in 2015. What we really need is World of Timemachines…

    • Same issue with WoT.

      Eventually they start running out of unique ideas for ships and ship lines, and resort to throwing historicity out the window in order to add increasingly more frustrating and broken gimmicks to encourage people to keep spending money. It will eventually be the death of both.

    • @N00T yeah they move to console and legends is doing amazing like the game doesn’t have the amount of bullshittery disc a mass and still pretty new came out August and it’s still adding new ships and no CVs I can argue that you UI is amazing and the graphics are better

    • “We have to go back Marty, to save WG from themselves!” – Doc Brown

  14. WG: how about another Premium and paper ship?
    Community: i think we have enough premium and paper ship

  15. I’m actually surprised that you mentioned IJN Tone, it’s like Kitakami the long lost legend.

  16. I imagine a group of players who dedicate their submarine gameplay to avoiding the battle and sikning the carrier in every game.

  17. “Hey wg, would it be possible to add more historical ships and camos into the game?” WG: “what if the Soviet Union made battleships?” Cant wait for Soviet subs :/

    • Imagine the Soviet Carriers…. the Soviet Navy didn’t have a single CV until 1975 with Kiev-class…..but WG will pull off a “ye, but we had Graf Zeppelin captured by the Soviets, time to engineer an entire CV Line based on what the soviets would do with improved Zeppelin-class!”

  18. *Italian BBs existed*

    WG: “Let’s make moar Ruski fantasy ships!”

  19. Michał Jasiński

    What is wrong with World of warships?
    Answer: EVERYTHING.

  20. Sin Counter:37
    3:38 “Loading Times take longer than the battle itself”
    That’s been there forever, for some players. I died before my game even loaded in.

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