Everything Wrong With World of Warships 2020

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I tried to avoid recycling arguments from last year, but sadly some had to slip through since WeeGee hasn’t fixed them yet. 2020: a year of splits, reworks, wallet events and controversies.
Format based on Cinemasins (duh!). I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.


  1. I was waiting for this video

  2. Ahoy captains! Did I miss some themes in your opinion (meaning 2020 specific, not ”general flaws” of WoWS)?
    Would love to hear further concerns/views, but keep it civil 😉
    To a better 2021 (although I’ve already seen some stuff about the skill rework…)

  3. What’s wrong, you say?
    The entirety of the rUsSiAn Tech Tree

  4. 2020 still lock on target was bugged 2021 still the issue remain but CV got fixed a flaw pretty instantly.. coincidence?

  5. Glad I stopped playing after the CV rework then

  6. 2020 was the year for everything stupid idea done from wg, we can expect the same or worse for this year

  7. Back in the days, everyone hates Moskva
    How thing changed so quickly

  8. I haven’t played since they introduced the new fake russian Cruiser line which also happens to have the best ships in the game. Too much Russian bias, complete pay to win glad I stopped playing.

  9. glad i mooved to war thunder 2 years ago

    at least the ships there actually existed

  10. Henry-Seabreeze Studio

    Not enough sins to be quite honest; still great nonetheless 😀

  11. Oh boi, captain rework gonna make next year fun, or before wows dies

  12. But comrade, the glorious red navy has won more naval battles than the amerikanski and britanskiy combined. Game honors papa stalin’s real ships like petrabalanskov instead of fake iowa.

  13. I returned to this game after a almost 2 year break and my god theres so much new info they need to tell me in 2 secounds

  14. I subbed to Twannie because of the 2019 vis. Now, I hope WG makes more mistakes and shit just because the next year’s vid will be that much better.

  15. “Sixty-nine, dudes!”

  16. N HW - Cinematic Productions

    Man, I don’t wanna know how many sins we would have had with the commander rework included… (hint: a lot)

  17. Thats the moment when you deinstall wows

  18. Nascar Mogul Clearly

    the cmdr rework, another cancer just like the cv rework when that was released, WG=Braindead, Game Past=Fun, Game Now=Blatantly Infuriating.

  19. You forgot Dead Eye, the single crappiest change since the CV rework, which taken together with CV rework means the end of this game for me.

  20. He is back boys!
    Thanks for mentioning the missing cv’s.

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