Everything You Need To Know About Update 10.10 | World of Warships

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Huge update for the visual side of the game, and the full release of Russian carriers. Also forgot to mention arms race is back as a playable game mode, oops.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite: https://warships.us/Potato_Quality
WoWs RU Invite: https://flot.ru/Potato_Quality

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  1. My god the soviet CVs are disgusting, thank god Battlefield 2042 is coming tomorrow so i don’t have to fight soviet fantasy balans.

  2. The new water effect is really great in-game, but in ports like London with rivers, the Thames looks odd. Rivers with whitecaps and swamping ships? The NC KOTS camo mission is coming later this week according to Bogzy on the WoWs NA Stream

  3. Beautiful. Now we can burn at higher resolution.

  4. More powercreep. Exactly what the game needs.

  5. There are still some missions in arms race where you can earn around 800 community tokens which you can still exchange at the rate of 500 CT = 50 German tokens

  6. Russian cv is op lol for average cv player

  7. did they widen the 2 brothers channel, like sirens of Odyssey singing to all ships to come to their doom

  8. One of the changes they did, was to remove two camos, and the one basic economic flag that gave – 10% to service cost, from the lineup, such that you can no longer obtain them – saying they want to eventually remove all economic bonuses from flags and camos.
    In the premium shop, where they sold two different bundles of the 5 basic economic flags – one with 100 each, 500 flags total, for $15 – and one with 300 each, 1500 flags total, for $35 – they removed the – 10% service cost flag from the bundles.
    Now, one bundle has 110 each of 4 flags, 440 total, and the other bundle has 330 each of 4 flags, 1320 total.
    So they’ve removed the one economic flag, and noticeably reduced the total number of flags – but they’re still charging the same prices of $15 and $35 for the bundles.
    And to be honest, given what I’ve seen of WG over the past 6 years, that’s exactly what I was expecting.

  9. I’ve felt that the best thing for stopping a Nakhimov is a Petro with DFAA

  10. Nice you managed to make me seasick with your spinning from getgo! Thx for your vids bruv.

  11. +1 Karma for that art department.
    Again, hard carrying the team.

  12. The new ports are just so dang bright! How do I turn the intensity down.

  13. The way WG balance ship feel like some loser being smack by German BB too much that they want to nerf it, if WG really play their game…

  14. Good features you highlight. Great summary of 10.10. TY!

  15. L'officiel du Fishe

    I already got the NC Bane of the Sea mission? No one else seems to have gotten it though???

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