Everything You Need To Know About Update 11.0 in World of Warships

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Full Update 11.0 info: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0110-pan-asian-cruisers-part-1/

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite: https://warships.us/Potato_Quality
WoWs RU Invite: https://flot.ru/Potato_Quality

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  1. There’s been a lot of doom saying in regards to wows recently, but let’s hope that this year will be better for war gaming

  2. I’d rather have a non CC player who tells the truth and calls out any company who uses crummy tactics with there games, than a CC who obeys and says everything is right with WG!

    • Go watch iearlgrey for his honest review. He done a reworked voice over on WOW patch video.

    • @Farkel Rysunhope Except iearlgrey is one of the worst content creators for WOWS, he shouldn’t even be making content on the game. Most of his content is literally just actively trying to cry against WG in every single video and that’s most likely because he hates them due to what happened to him. His reviews are in no way ”honest”. The guy should be moving to another game.

    • @dzello I think you should put your money where ur mouth is boss. Show Reciepts!

    • @Lick Kitty Split I’m not sure you know what that line means..? Because it doesn’t apply here.

  3. Honestly I really liked this game but recently with all the BS by WG less and less …no FUN anymore ! Tnx potatoe for your honest view btw, take care and all the best !

    • i too liked the game a lot , and hate how the game is today , well im not getting bored not playing wow , now and than i log in play a copple of game and move on..there is notting there to keep me playing . not even premium account isnt worth it anymore

  4. Have felt like since the patch ive seen rarely any t10 games with t8s, maybe I was really lucky with MM, but maybe I wasnt, idk

  5. I should have mentioned subs are no longer in testing. Which is great for the short term game health. Unfortunately wargaming have said they are too weak and I’m assuming there will be massive buffs when they come back. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

    • @David Zimmermann The noobs were not the problem. The good players showed how OP these things were, and with enough time, anyone can become good. So the problem is not the player, the problem is the potential in the ship, which is OP.

    • They’ll give them nuclear torpedoes. You watch.

    • Totally unrelated. Would you consider reviewing your starlink Internet. Maybe an overall impression, but focused on gaming. I play WoWS and my rural area should get starlink sometime this year. Thanks Potato, keep up the good work.

    • @David Zimmermann Pretty much the case for me. I’m not a great sub player, but one of my clan mates is and he ended up decimating a flank with it. Just goes to show the data they got back must’ve been lopsided toward bad players. Which is worrisome.

    • T-T-T-Too Weak? Fym Too weak???? What the FUCK is Wargaming smoking???

  6. Secondary’s, AA and torps should auto repair and come back online after a small period when destroyed.

  7. I just got the sejong because it was my first pack and i had a few k buds. Its fun for me like Atlanta but tier 9-10

    • It’s first-in-line for me too, but I honestly wonder if it’s by design (to strongly encourage spending of doubloons/real money) so haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

  8. Seeing Jinan is 20k, I can take a wild guest that a lot of people were bidding at least 20k doubloon for schieflen

    • Had one dude run schlieff in CBs against us when it first went into Auction, he said he did 50k for it

    • @EyeDeeKay how you’ve been mate? Long time since I last divved with you. (disa_destroyer btw).

    • @Manik Samaraweera o shit dog, been a while ay, seen you on a few times, should get some games in!

      Been good though, got a bunch ships I’ve been wanting, and everything otherwise has been quite alright 🙂 yourself?

    • @EyeDeeKay pretty good so far. WGPLS has expanded massively and we are nearly full, with lots of upgraded CB facilities. We’ve entered into a partnership with the clan CRAZY. We used to do a lot of CBs, especially last year, but as more and more members have to focus on more important matters than CBs, we’ve transitioned into primarily a mercing clan.

    • @EyeDeeKay well… most of people who got early schliffen were bidding above 30k.
      I can guess that 50k is top 1% even among the one who get the ship..

  9. As far as super ships go I am a Japanese destroyer player I’ve played the yamagiri I absolutely I absolutely do like it but I’m hoping they do a legendary mod Where you can select between 8 km and 12 km torpedos .–K–joeboat-35 😀….o7

  10. I can’t speak for the cruisers or destroyer super ships but I’m loving having the super BBs. Easy damage farm. I had almost 200k in the Prinz Rupperucht without even realizing it when a Hannover pushed me.

  11. I did the math with a friend on this. If you do all the combat missions for it, you still have to pay 320 USD to get every single random pack and the doubloons needed to get all of the items

  12. Agincourt’s lack of AA means it melts very fast in any game with planes. Otherwise a fun ship to play.

    I only brushed the dust off it yesterday after watching some reviews and re-spec’d a commander for secondary’s, adding a chunk of élite xp to get it to 17 points.

  13. Just a minor correction. The 1% Agincourt droprate in the containers is the *new* containers. If you look at the line above that, it says the old Battle of Jutland containers were renamed Battle of Jutland Premium containers, and the 1% droprate is for the new normal, non-premium version. Presumably the old containers had a better droprate than 1%

  14. The Best Thing about this update is that when buying flags in the Armoury, it now shows what flags you have in stock. FINALLY!

  15. I am waiting for asymmetric battles to boost some T7 and T8

  16. I totally agree with you on WeeGee’s “Early Access” strategy. However, I now only purchase 6 bundles. PSA: These results are by no means normal! I received the Pan-Asian T6 Dido in my 2nd bundle, 12k Pan-Asian tokens in the 4th bundle and on my 6th and final bundle I received, amazingly, the T9 Pan-Asian cruiser Sejong!!! The ol’ “luck of the Irish” was firing on all 8 cylinders!!!

    • I was super-lucky and got Sejong on the first bundle. Still nearly baulked at spending 1000 dubs, but with the extra flag missions, pulled the trigger.

    • @RS2Russ I think 1k in doubloons is very cheap, as long as she is fun to play, which she is, when you consider the 30+ days of early access you get. What is that: 3 doubloons per day? That’s 1.2¢! Now I had to cough-up 6k doubloons to get access to her. However, unlocking the T6 Dido (sorry I’m bad with Asian words plus, I’m too lazy to look it up.) and the 12k Pan-Asian tokens to get the Sejong roll was well worth it. We got very lucky! Now all the poor bastards that have to suffer poor RNG, just so we can receive excellent RNG, you have my sympathies! I am more than peeved though that one would have to spend quite a bit of real-world money to get enough Pan-Asian tokens to get the T8 or any of the premium camos! Now why can’t we be a friend of the family or why can’t there be a rational thinking mind amongst them to have the influence and mental fortitude to get them to fix the game in the several areas that desperately need to be? How do you like the Sejong so far? I give her a 6 out of 10. In my eyes she’s a T9 Atlanta.

  17. Pronounced “Azshincour” is the closest phonetic i can think (sight of a major English French battle in 1415), we won !

  18. Mustafa Uğur Başar

    I’m agree with you about can’t get T8 camo without spending money. Even in german battlecruisers event we could get T8 camo with community tokens. But year by year we are earning less from events 🙁

  19. Would be nice to let cvs destroy AAs, and let surface ships just damage.
    Combined Air and surface encounters is what brakes the game, because it was a very unusual event and ships on the other side would always be doomed.
    Let cvs get their strategic opportunities but not let them be the real thing, they are always the best naval weapons and in game, always presented with the best (unreal) scenario.

  20. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Asymmetric choices Will be alot more fun since it’s not t5 and 6 being sandbagged by 8s like last time. Sinop is a great bully to alot of t9 and 10 ships.

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