Everything You Need To Know About Update 11.10

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Đặng Ngọc Phúc Nguyên

    Can’t wait for your review on Yodo , Takahashi, etc…

  2. ZAO needs a good buf btw.
    Good work PQ

  3. Agreed, paying the premium BP should give an amount of premium time equal to the duration of the BP. Then it’d be somewhat worthwhile. I’d still wouldn’t get it tho.

    • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

      I asked this question in the comments on the official patch video and they fugging deleted it.

    • WG said in the devblog that the first Battlepass would be 625 doubloons, as thats a quarter of the cost of a months Premium time, thats obviously not going to happen.

    • Yeah I’ll stick to only premium time or not even that at times

    • Yeah, I could see the premium battlepass coming with free premium time, but they can’t just go the other way around and give it away with premium time given how “free” premium time actually is (weeks and months of premium time just kinda “show up” too often), at least not without nerfing it severely and adding a “actually paid” tier.

  4. Now we know why the Petropavlovsk got raised up from the water, the water physics will make it awkward if it didn’t.

  5. Battle pass looks to me very similar to dockyard. You get ship in the end. You get reward along the path. You get more if you pay. BUT art department doesn’t have to bother with building animation.

    • to be honest i couldnt give a shit less about the animation but props to anyone who does

    • Animations don’t even work on my PC… see nothing but a frame show. Internal news browser usually hangs, too. And I think it’s because I have 200 ships in my port…. (how ’bout fixing that first WG…)

  6. the Black friday ships which are all available, im really looking forward to secondary ships.

  7. Getting the feeling that with the increase in monetization, lack of concern to their player base reduction WG will be on the back end of “games to play” by the end of the year.

  8. From the sounds of it the Battle pass os just the admiralty from legends.
    Assuming such, these ships will be made free XP ships a few updates afterwards. Some passes might also have a T4 or 3 ship as apart of it as well.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Ahhh you just gave me yet another reason not to jump on the inaugural campaign. If they make a battle pass ship available for free or resources latter on then I ain’t that interested. I have a standing rule that I will never ever ever buy something with real money that I can get for free with resources or by waiting until later to unlock it.

  9. Raytracing would be nice. But remember WGs argument against increasing players per match (the argument came up because subs take away surface slots) was that that would be “too taxing” on the players hardware. So yeah don’t hold your breath. Apparently most (paying?) players play on a toaster.

  10. Art team is carrying the living crap out of this game

  11. Blitz has had the battle pass for a couple years now which isn’t that hard to progress. Where they get you is by paying extra for the bp you normally get extra stuff like historical camos or an epic commander. By far the worst monetization in wowsb is the gambling crates, .10% chance for a Kidd is ridiculous.

  12. Just pay for every new ship early to get giga damage games before the nerfs come

  13. 12 second rudder. “Light Cruiser”. Larger than Zao, “Light Cruiser”.

  14. It’s Marketing 101 for WG, really. However, I think a BattlePass mechanic is something that they should have implemented 1 year, maybe even 2 years ago with a player base that is waning. Instead, they try to unsaturate the game with things like Super Ships, where veteran players have too much currencies floating around and don’t know why to spend it on. It’s an aggressive strategy to make more money on the game, and it will because you have people that buy into that. Eventually it could lead to further damaging the in game economy.

    • I honestly see it differently. WG is FINALLY giving real value for what will basically amount to a premium subscription service instead of trying make all of their money off new ship content (which is not an infinite revenue stream BTW) or loot boxes. They are moving their revenue stream towards something that is more sustainable IMO.

      Super ships were a separate concept introduced to deal with a separate problem. Too many veteran players have way too many credits floating around and super ships were meant to soak some of that up…. except it is negatively affecting game play and balance at top tiers and it didn’t work any way because at the same time they introduced something to soak up credits they introduced a different thing to dump a ton of credits into the game (namely stripping value out of all camos and giving people a reason to dump the mountains of camo they’ve acquired for more credits). Now theoretically that massive credit dump from the camo change should dry out except they were still handing the things out quite recently. I believe they greatly overestimated people’s willingness to burn credits on a purely decorative element within the game.

  15. Super annoyed with the play times for brawl and ranked recently. They need to make both a constant battle type when the seasons are active. They both currently fall into the time I must sleep or be at work. For me, they begin in the afternoon and end at approx 4 or 5am. It’s very frustrating.

  16. I don’t think the ‘it’s free to play so they have to pay the bills’ has held water for a long time – wargaming has been implementing increasingly aggressive psychological tactics to extract maximum cash from a small percentage of the population, and leaving the rest to foot the bill experience wise.

    A reasonably priced subscription model, less aggressive premium ship and doubloon pricing are legitimate methods of raising revenue. That an increasing playerbase confidence in them as developers (because it’s difficult to spend money in a game with an uncertain future and questionable leadership) would make it feel less questionable to even spend $20 here or there on it.

    But at the end of the day the current methods of hyper aggressive ship pricing, punitive game economy even with premium time, removal of signals, removal of 1m/2m fxp ships , loot boxes, deceptive battlepass/dockyard events (including previous iteration of battlepass being shown to be definitively worse than current daily/weekly missions after WG said that’s not the case), ‘early access’ events, and the economy rework are a shortlist of brutal example of them ratcheting things up harder and harder, all while obfuscating and smokescreening their intentions (RB w/ ships costing ~4m fxp instead of 1m, economy rework, removal of signals, dockyard event chains). And all of this makes it an impossible game to recommend to friends, even if the core gameplay of surface ship combat is fantastic.

    I have loved this game, and still love core elements of surface ship combat – I’m not a fan of subs/CV’s but agree with your idea of figure out how to counter them where possible instead of just complaining. But I feel like I’m going fucking insane with the repeated money grabbing efforts designed to reach into the very bottom of your brain to get you to open your wallet, all while telling the community “We have always been at war with Eastasia” and it kinda just…ticking along. This comment wasn’t meant to blow out, but F2P is basically no longer plucky devs wanting to break into thee market. It’s people who have you psychologically dialled in throwing out the bait to justify hyper aggressive anti consumer practices all with the F2P facade.

  17. Hey PQ, could you please, when you mention premium currency like doubloons, also tell us what they cost in real money? That way assessing these costs becomes more intuitive

    • Great ask. He will have to do a chart because the larger bundles of Dubs someone buys, the cheaper it is in real money, but of course it’s also more total real money.

    • The easiest thing to remember is that every 2500 doubloons works out to $10. You can get a better exchange rate than that of course but that is the base rate. So a battle pass is $10 a month base price.

  18. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    Honestly buying premium and premium battle pass together is perfectly doable. If you go to doubloons in the premium shop there is a 30 day plus 2500 doubloon package that is $17.99. Premium time by itself is $9.99 as is 2500 doubloons so buying the combo saves you $2. And 2500 is the cost for premium battle pass. $17.99 per month is a perfect reasonable subscription cost for premium content and quite comparable to other monthly subscription on X Box, Elder Scrolls or even Netflix. I happen to think this a step in the right direction for WG to get people involved more in a monthly subscription instead of continually pushing more BS paper ships or more Loot Boxes. I also happen to like that I can buy the battle pass separately from premium time if I choose or vice versa. Never the less I do have a few concerns…

    1. There is a premium PLUS battle pass, so yet another way to spend money in game on a continuing bases.
    2. You pay for the pass up front as near as I can tell which commits you to heavy grinding to get the maximum benefit from your money spent. Having just gone through Puerto Rico grind after by the starter 6 pack I’m not sure I care for that level of anxiety again.
    3. Of course you can spend money on completing missions as well and how many players do you reckon will end up ponying up more dough because they are 1 to 3 missions from that premium ship at the end of the month?
    4. Is there going to be a premium ship every month? And if so is that going to reduce free premiums like Repulse, Huron and Strasbourg that came from other event style missions?

    2500 for a tier 7 premium ship is a bargain even without all the other stuff being thrown at players so it’s certainly tempting but I for one need to take a wait and see approach. I want to see how likely it is that my play level would get me to that maximum level at the end of the month. I also want to see what previous Black Friday ships will be available at discount this year. And honestly I don’t really give a crap about getting another Jap cruiser unless it’s name is Atago. Since I’m going to be traveling for a week this month, and with Black Friday here I believe I’m going to wait until the next month to see what the next battle pass season looks like before I invest any doubloons.

  19. Gotta keep the servers running after all and they are no longer getting any money out of Mother Russia…

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