Everything You Need To Know About Update 11.3 | World of Warships

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Tier 11.

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Superships Gain 250k – Cost Serv 500k

    • Good. Yesterday I had a match with 4 of them in each team, one of them a carrier. I hope ppl don’t start playing them a lot.

    • @Juan Kovacs In one game there were 7 SuperShips on each side xd The game forces you to destroy ships with the supership to prevent the money from going negative.

    • @Juan Kovacs yea. Super ships were cool when you had to do missions to get them. Just got myself the Des Moines first match, had to deal with an FDR and super ships slapping me for half my HP as I tried to avoid the cv…

  2. Đặng Ngọc Phúc Nguyên

    Will you do a review on Italian DD Line ? I never played a Hybrid DD before and your analytics help me a lot

  3. I honestly like the early access “cash grab” – I’m fine with headstarting the new line from the part when it starts being interesting, so like t7 or t8 depending on event.

  4. 0:42 let’s just say with the recent change on the devblog on Moskva, the devs may want to reconsider including missiles yet in the game.
    Still I think that next superships will be weird, a super Alsace and a super Minotaur (with someone a teak deck, which is obsolete since quite a while)

    • @Majestic Hotwings well it’s a joke between the Moskva we have in game and the Moskva, a cruiser that existed of Russia/ex-soviet union that sank yesterday after getting struck in the black sea by Ukrainian forces after getting struck twice by missiles

  5. Petro has never really bothered me. I have never really been bullied or pissed off by one – where as the Russian CVs and Super CVs are the most ridiculous OP BS in the game. When one of those 2 fixes on you its over – no counter. Might as well f’ing quit and go to the next game. Aggravating!!

    • CesarinPillin Gaming

      The problem of the petro is not about being bullied by one. IT IS about how stupidly tanky they are. No seriously, you can tank more with a Petro than with a bbs. I’ve seen petros somehow stall 3 battleships and 2 cruisers by itself alone. When for any other ship would be an almost instant death.

    • @CesarinPillin Gaming Sure its tanky – but there ARE plays against it – e.g. get a cross fire on him and hopefully get a focus going. <- This, however difficult it may seem, IS a counter. There IS no counter for the CVs I mentioned! Also; I don't really see many Petro's out there, I do see at least one of the above mentioned CVs in every TX match! And yes, seriously.

    • CesarinPillin Gaming

      @Muscrat Even when crossfiring you’re still not guaranteed a citadel, unlike hitting a normal cruiser like DesMemes, Moskva or even bbs. It sits so low its stupidly hard to nail a citadel.

    • @CesarinPillin Gaming you’re right

  6. South Sweden Gamer

    For the petro, if you look at the water line its very vissible that its sits higher. The orange line is mutch more vissible.

  7. I think match making with super ships is an issue. I have played several matches with 10 or more total super ships. The games are so boring. I don’t mind one super ship per team, but having half of each team maybe super ships really feels like T11 is in the game and not just this one super ship for each team. I agree with someone’s comment about maybe just having a super ship matchmaking. So all T11 just goes against itself.

  8. I don’t see myself buying a T11 for that kind of money when they’re also not economically viable, AND you can no longer exchange captains. You would have to assign a captain exclusively to Annapolis for example, where before you could just move your DM commander back and forth.

    • I agree, I think the whole thing is ridiculous penny pinching. They should do away with this nonsense entirely.

    • Yes you can change super ship commanders for the 500 Doubloons just like you can with any other tech tree ship. It’s the Premiums that you get to move for free. No doubt premium superships will be along and you will be able to move commanders just like you can with the Tier 1-10 premiums.

    • @Chris Austin that is what he is getting at he just hasn’t explained it properly. He knows you can change but now you can’t change without paying for it which most people probably don’t want to do switching back and forward because no-one in their right mind is going to level up a captain in a supership with the credit cost involved every time you play win or lose. I put a spare 21 point captain into my one and only supership that i’m daring to buy at the moment so I don’t have to change him and spend money.

    • Yeah the retraining is pretty dumb in the game. I’d rather it only happened when you changed a ship class OR once you have been trained in a ship then that captain stays qualified in it permanently. I find it kind of stupid my Montana 21 point Captain who I levelled up through each battleship in that line somehow forgets never Captained the ships in the tiers below. Shouldn’t happen. Shouldn’t need to retrain down, only upwards or across class lines.

    • @Doomhammer Yep, this is something I feel exactly the same way about. Once a captain is trained on a ship, why does he need retraining for that same ship just because he commanded another ship in between??

  9. I dont like the skins on planes :[ i like my Enterprise hellcats, avengers, and helldivers with their nice dark blue color

  10. I would love if they would fix the destroyed rate of gearing torpedo tubes. The rate of destruction is broken as hell compared to every other tier 10 DD.

    • What I would like to see is for Destroyers to go back to being Destroyers. Originally their name was “Torpedo boat Destroyers”, their job being to protect ships from torpedo boats. That is what they did during WW I, WW II and ever since. They were never stealth boats that could sneak up unseen releasing wave after wave of torpedoes then go away unseen as if they were nuclear submarines. If anything is broken, its over powered destroyers that are broken.

    • @Chris Austin sorry guy, that’s rubbish. concealment is probably the most important mechanic in this game(!!!) and destroyers are completely balanced around it. It has been like this since the beginning of this game, why should you change it now?
      I recommend you play some dd games in at least t5 to understand why dds need good concealment.
      also, destroyers of ww2 had already given away much of their torpedo boat hunter role.
      They were bigger and designed to be fast escort and scout ships that could launch big torpedo strikes, which in general is their role in the game. The IJN started using 40km torpedoes on ships that are t6 upwards in this game. Be happy you don’t have to face that.

  11. I’m toying with quitting the game indefinitely.

    Superships in random? No. You don’t charge people to get to the finish line faster and then decide to move the finish line when people got there.
    If they wanted to fix the economy, they could just stop giving away all the economic bonuses all the time instead of giving with one hand and taking twice as much with the other.

    Atlantico? Barely any interest in the ship itself (just another Yukon sitting around doing nothing in my port); no real interest in the battlepass rewards, and disgusted with the economics of buying-out early to use it as a steel grind.

    Italian DDs? Combination of “ick” and “yawn”. I’d only be grinding them out in order to get back to 100% tech tree completion, and with the Superships in the game WG have shot themselves in the foot and made that personal goal even more meaningless.

    Subs? I’m not as opposed to them as everyone else seems to be as a matter of principle, but the last iteration of them was distinctively less fun to play against than most of the previous implementations. Their reduced damage from incoming fire weirdness doesn’t help matters. So currently a turn-off.

    Research Bureau and Steel ship end-game content? Fuck right off with that scammy inflationary overpriced bullshit.

    On top of that, I’m just burnt out from the never-ending churn; and the bullshit exponential increase in commander skill cost at levels 20 & 21 destroys any interest I have in maxing out the countless captains I’ve got languishing in the high teens.

    Wargaming’s greed has made this moment right here an *incredibly* tempting time to draw a line under WOWS and play literally any of the hundreds of other games I’ve had sitting forever in my Steam library, etc.

    • if there is no ship that you still want, i’d say consider WoWs played through and move on.
      I only have 5 t10s and it already starts feeling like this. i will get my first (i don’t hope for more) steel ship in a few days and i will passively grind for DM leg mod and paolo emilio. These will bring some fresh wind but it will not last and i will soon feel without purpose in the game.

    • @CemboRembo There’s a few Steel and RB ships I want, but I’m sure as hell not going to piss about in a game mode like Ranked to get them; and I’ve reset tech tree lines way too many times in order to get the half-a-dozen legendary mods I’ve got mounted.

      There’s still a couple of legendary mods I wanted to grab (Z-52 and Yueyang), but that makes the prospect of grinding RB ships even more distant and less appealing than it otherwise would be.

      Steel Ships and RB ships were failed attempts at creating tier 10.5 powercreep because such a small proportion of the playerbase can either afford or be bothered to grind them, and the monetary costs of getting RB points (by FXPing the reset lines) was so exhorbitant that it put people off.
      I mean I even *stopped* using the occasional spare doubloons to convert FXP when the RB came out because it was so clearly a deliberate attempt to shift the goalposts beyond the realms of justifiable. Just one more way WGIng’s blatant greed sabotaged their own revenue streams.

      Pretty sure that’s why they were so desperate to rush Superships into the game, one more attempt at tricking players into accepting rampant inflation in the real-money costs after their previous bullshit (coughPuerto Ricocough) backfired.

      And just like their original concept for the Resarch Bureau, this is beyond just nickel-and-diming their customers or milking their whales: This is coercive bullshit that actively harms the game.

  12. At least in the short term, superships are a LOT more prevalent in game. Example: 1 battle saw 6 per side (1 was a Super CV per side: Eagle vs. United States). My thoughts are simply this: immediate power creep that will make anyone grinding a tier 9 (as I am or will be with at least 10 ship lines) a tremndous pain. So I sincerely hope that economy DOES balance prevalence, but super whales who are also half-decent try hards will likely “afford” superships in the future to farm the tears of the rest of us. My own tears will be very salty indeed.

  13. I’ve always said Super Ships being put into the game would mark the beginning of the end of WOWS, sounds a bit over dramatic but checking the numbers of players in game and on Steam ( about a 30% drop in a couple of months ) unfortunately looks to be moving rapidly in that direction.

    • Prior to super ships the range of ships by commission date went from about 1908 (eg Uss Chester) to 1948 (USS Worcester). All they have added with super ships is Korean War era technology with was a handful of years later. To think people would leave the game over such a minor change is nonsense. More likely it’s the WORLD WIDE inflation eating up people’s game funds that causing a decrease in playing time.

    • @Chris Austin The way I feel about it is they don’t fit into the game as tier higher ship they are just really good tier X ships on Steroids, so in one tier jump the DeMoine gets 4 more guns and a autoloader plus HP thats like tier 12 or 13 and then you got Super CVs going triple the speed of your avg tier X CV so its not inflation its BS like this. Why do you think there making them a bad investment to play if there only a minor upgrade from the tier X lines?

    • i dropped out completely with intro of subs . As someone who has been waiting for subs for years . became quickly into someone who hates subs . The implementation is terrible , and the real gem the real opportunity with subs is to create an entire PVE environment.

    • @Chris Austin this is an arcade game with tons of pure fantasy ships, the problem was never truly the period the ships come from. The issue with superships is that it destroys the fine balance created in tier 10.

  14. If people can afford to pay 57mil + upgrades, I suspect they can afford some service costs, especially if they play premiums in rotation

  15. Guided missiles were always going to be in the game. WG has made it clear they’re going to push in their own direction regardless of the opinion of the player base. Subs and the never-going-to-be-fixed CVs are very blatant examples. The LWM incident is also a very overt reminder that WG doesn’t care

  16. The Petros Bottom yellow paint definitely sticks out more in the 11.3 picture.

  17. Brawl was fun till I ran into a full 9 man division team. Plus they had a CV and we did not get one. WG MM at it’s best! Great vids, keep up the good content.

  18. Should we retrain our commander for the superships? Also why dont they get the clan discount on prices like all other tech tree ships?

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