Everything You Need To Know About Update 11.5 – World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I thought they said the Iwami comes out half way through this patch, and also did you see its buff lol, it now get 4 yoshino 20k torps each side.

  2. 1:33 ‘a little nerf’ isn’t what I would describe SAP going from 2600 to 1800+/- shell damage & a reload nerf

    • yeah tbf 1800 is unimpressive even for HE alpha…average 127mm guns you find on Benson~Gearing has that plus a fire chance

  3. so are permanent camos disappearing? I know they are changing the stats on them a little bit, but will they still be offered or should we stock up on t10 perma camos?

    • Loris Schuchardt

      @CyberMaroon isn’t it 50/50?

    • @Loris Schuchardt Doublechecked and no, it’s not. In fact, the economic bonus will cost 4800 for tier 10 and then your first camo will be discounted by that much (additional camos will not) so if you only want the visuals it’s like 200 dubs for the standard camo.

    • @CyberMaroon would there be permanent bonuses like the ones on permanent camo tho? cuz to be fair that’s what I paid most of my permanent camo for (with very few exceptions where I did buy for visuals, of course)

    • @Rongyang Yi I’m literally talking about those.

    • @CyberMaroon Ah, didn’t realize that

  4. I think like as usual, the new ship will come a day later after update.

  5. I remarked that one thing has been forgotten from Iwami, she has Shimakaze 20 km torpedoes, allowing her to be even more passive than other BB.
    Regarding the whole convoy thing, I do not hate subs be in it, historically it would have been logic to see them hunting down convoys. But CV, that’s quite a big nope, I would have done it differently, hear me out on it with 2 relatively fix composition, one for attacking, one for defending.
    -For the attacking team : 4 subs (yeah that’s a lot), 2/3 DD, 5/4 cruisers and either 1 BB and/or 1 CV.
    -For the defending team : 2 subs, 4 DD, 4 cruisers 2 BB/ 1 CV
    Also one thing that bothers me : the liberty ships should have a healing aura like the convoy liberty ships to allow people to pile upon it and defend it, making flanking tactics more risky.
    There could be something like a “support carrier” (the old model of Bogue could be reused for that) to send ASW planes (all of that to design, using standard depth charges and the TBF Avenger model) that prevents subs from having submarines to simply shotgun the whole convoy.
    The whole submarines buff is kinda broken, now we’ll see submarine shotgun whole team because they can’t be killed with ASW if played with an above potato player. The whole with the CV reworks feels like there is a cultural problem with the notion of the sunken cost fallacy that WG will keep push on and on until it sticks.
    Finally the Tillman line buff is okay, now I feel they may need just a small reload buff (going from 40 seconds down to 36 seconds) before being a good all over BB, slow but trading it with devastating salvo

  6. It’s worth noting that the “fattleship” line also got (seriously) improved engine power. Vermont takes off like a DD now, it’s kinda nuts.

    • Sadly, acceleration only. Though w/Brisk and speed flag, you can get up to 26.6 kts as long as you are unspotted. Which, with her new max concealment of 12.6KM is not that hard to achieve.

    • ScallywagBeowulf

      @Superuser009 That’s actually not terrible then. I started trying to grind the Vermont line recently, being I’ve had basically every other BB line in the game, and using the Colorado again isn’t fun. But having brisk and a speed flag has helped.

      And even with just acceleration being improved, as well as the heal and such, then I don’t think it’ll be as bad as it used to be, from what people told me about it.

    • Once it reach top speed all of sudden it feels like it hit a wall

    • Vermont was already good, but now they feel great to play, you can’t deny the fun of doing 20 and 30k salvos.

    • just as soon as I give up on the Vermont they then buff it wth

  7. Are kobayashi camos still available to purchase in this update?

  8. One thing that I haven’t seen anyone talking about is that Vermont’s rework says it also will have improved penetration at close range. So does this mean it’ll be possible to overmatch 32mm? Or does it mean something else?

    • this mean it’ll be possible to overmatch 32mm ….. nope you still need 460mm up shell to overmatch, penetration value doesn’t mean in overmatch mechanic.

    • It simply means having better pen (say, 500mm instead of 480mm) at closer range;
      Overmatch capability is determined by gun caliber divided by 14.3 (457 / 14.3 = 31.95 < 32), so no. Only caliber matters when it comes to overmatch.

  9. Would love if you did a video after you check out the Vermont.

  10. Thanks for the help, you made me play Cherbourg in rank and i thougth it gone to be Bad but i did well and i think i might grind it in rank, sorry for my English 🙃

  11. You forgot to mention the balance changes to the Ocean Map

  12. So I use the extended tech tree mod that lets me take a look at upcoming ships, and usually those ships are marked with a “soon” when they’re still in progress. As of 11.5 Iwami, San Diego, and Aquila have all lost that “soon” tag, which usually means they are going to be released in that update. (which means a new Italian CV this patch. Yay…) The only ship I’ve seen that hasn’t followed this rule is the new Sevastopol that’s coming. That hasn’t been marked with a “soon” for a couple patches now, and it hasn’t been released thus far.

    • The Iwami looks decent especially with the buffs it’s received recently. Gotta get that extended tech tree mod too (thanks for the reminder)

    • Sevastopol gone into development limbo?

    • @Charles Lynch It’s entirely likely, as they did completely change its gimmick. However, it might be being delayed because of the name. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, people have pointed out it could be viewed as incredibly insensitive to release a vessel in the Russian tech tree named after a currently occupied part of Ukraine.

  13. Gearing’s draught is going up too – so it will be running aground more when you think you’ve made it…

  14. Looking forward to getting the Black end Iwami. WG is teasing us with them 😅

  15. Nope, meck isn’t as good as bourg, buuuuuut I already had bourg, so it was a tough, yet short debate between meck and incomparable. I REALLY liked what the incomp was selling, but its was a short debate since I have a policy of having every 15+ gun ship in the game.😊
    You’ll enjoy her! While not as good overall as the bourg, she is fuuuuun! And one of the few BBs where it legitimately doesn’t matter if you pick HE or AP(of course there’s smarter choosing based on circumstance), consistent 10-12k salvos. And like many german BBs, the brawling potential is great IF you’re patient enough to wait for the right time. The difference is she feels like a substantially bigger threat at range than her german counterparts.

  16. thanks for the update, i saw shopkeeper tokens in game but can not work out how you get them

  17. The subs will screw up the brawling nature of convoy, and we’ll be back to sniping .

  18. PQ should make a updated vermont video with your usual decent reviews.

  19. Admiral Spaceballs

    7:38 that sounds suspiciously precise

  20. Now that the coupon is available again maybe you can make a video on what to spend the steel coupon, Ragnar, Mecklenburg or Incomparable, if you have all the other ones, eg Smalland, Thunderer, GK?

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