Exclusive Preview CV REWORK – DIVE BOMBER – || World of Warships

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  1. No efficace AA

    • Oui c’est ça dans la catégorie AA defense workings 😉

    • +JaguarEclair par contre je viens de voir que les avion seront illimité. Je trouve sa bien pour le gamplay et dommage pour le côté réaliste car jamais bien que chaque bateaux à le vrai nombre d’avion. Au moin il y a à plus de chance de voir les porte avion français ou autre. Qui avait moins d’avion que les américains. ( du moin pour la majorité des projet)

    • Sérieux? ça me parait aberrant ! Dans ce cas la DCA devient quasi useless ..

    • +JaguarEclair oui.. Mais bon c’est encore en test donc..

    • oui bien sûr :p Cette refonte semble vraiment prometteuse c’est l’essentiel !

  2. Looks like Very Funy This New Work

  3. Damaged planes are interesting but they seem to only loss PV and not speed or maneuvrability.

  4. This certainly looks interesting but few things might need improvement, the view of the planes seems very limiting, i get the feeling you might get tunnel vision so to speak when flying around and trying to bomb things, also this was against bots but with the current AA around if any CV planes would remain in hostile AA range that long they would be dead after the 1st bomb run and CV after losing planes is just a floating fuel tank.

    Interested to see how they would handle fighter encounters with enemy fighters and i would imagine this kind of bomming/attack runs with Hakuryuu would demand quite the piano fingers.

  5. Okay so this answers my question.

  6. AA build is ready :>

  7. Why do they climb before diving?

    • Александр Журавлев

      Usually they move too low and their height isn’t enough for diving. And to speed up themselves in diving.

    • Which is very stupid cause dive bombers always approach from high attitude. Climbing with a bomb in front of AA fire, there is an easier way to suicide, just ram the ship.

    • Александр Журавлев In real life, dive bombers approach the target from the highest altitude possible.

    • Александр Журавлев

      Giloup92 Are you sure that game is similar to reality?)))) By the way, planes can fly low to make their detection harder. And think a bit about scales in the game and in reality)))

    • Александр Журавлев I know that the game is not similar to reality. But I was “shocked “ by the climb and dive I saw on my display. I think that during WW2 dive bombers pilots flew as high as possible just to locate their targets in the vastness of the ocean.

  8. Way too many fires. I would implement that all dive bombers attack simultaneously but more inaccurate. 4 possible fires doesnt seem balanced.

  9. well that’s interesting…whole new gameplay

  10. It looks like it’s going to be easier to use Dive Bombers of DD’s.

  11. I thought it said Dave Bombing 😄

  12. Lemme build full AA CA,CL,DD

  13. WhyCantIGetADamnedLife

    It took two years for them to come up with this? Oh well better late than never

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