Exclusive Preview CV REWORK – ROCKETS !!! – || World of Warships

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  1. Nana boom boom!

  2. Can’t wait for the cc and supertester to use or play it. Good job wargaming.
    Ps: my Lady Lex is still rusting on the port. I didnt use her for almost 2 years i think. I hope i can use her again.

  3. Wow! that was fast

  4. Exijo mi like >:v

  5. 2:08 – can they still throw the same amount of rockets, even if some planes are dead?

  6. Didn’t seem to hit very hard.

    Though the fire potential…

  7. Impressive.
    The Upside is additional interactivity makes Carrier offense awesome.
    The Downside is that all this wonderful third person perspective explosions could make you forget that you have a Carrier to defend.

  8. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    Is this for real? This looks like a lot of fun! Time to level my CVs!!

  9. Tovarisch_Kartoshka 4

    Bull Crapp

  10. What about torpedo bombers and fighter duels?

  11. Omg noooooooo what a crap

  12. 1:15 13 rocket hits on Montana and 0 damage lol… only fires

  13. this seems promising

  14. Finally Rockets!!! Now can we move the entire game on to the Cold War Era and; get rid of battleships, upgrade to Submarines, introduce unguided rockets, and get a while new bunch of Warships WarGaming!!!

  15. Damn should’ve kept my Shokaku

  16. My poor fps is gonna take another hit XD

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