Exclusive Preview CV REWORK – Torpedo Bomber – || World of Warships

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  1. Wenn ich World of warplanes spielen will , aber bitte nicht in WoWs. Gebt mir meine Geld zurück!

    • abwarten – ich denke es kann wirklich gut werden ! Es ist sicherlich ein großer Schritt aber das etwas geändert werden musste sehen doch alle so oder ?

  2. Hopefully
    This will stop the “Torpedo Attack Through Island” BS.

  3. Will high level bombers get a rework too?

  4. i dont think i like this rework but cant say anything yet

    • *”i dont think i like this rework but cant say anything yet”* … why posting any comment at all then ? You post to say you have nothing interesting to say… hum.

    • and you can just ignore my comment too, i was thinking what gonna happen to low tier CV but since nothing can be sure so i said that

    • I’m curious… What pushed you to say something ? was it compulsory ?

    • so i need some kind of motivation to said that huh ? you are so weird. Just understand that i dont like the rework and that is my opinion

    • Before any act, there is an intention, period. That is not weird, that is logic, science… is logic weird to you ? it seems. You said you can’t say anything yet… yet you said something… THAT is weird.

  5. waiting to refund all my premium cvs for doubloon :>

  6. so now I have to risk all 12 of my torp planes to drop 3 torps? Good idea!

  7. Absolute crap. Refund all xp and doublons on my cv lines. Pure crap revamp

  8. Where are the hunter planes

  9. O my lord hold me, this rework is totally shit 🤓

  10. Well, honestly, this looks interesting, I’m not sure what other players are going to think, but, because I have a feeling that this could eventually be Over-Powerful or even unbalanced?

  11. Still a better flight sim than WoWP :p

  12. good thing that i din’t grind my way to the carriers yet, would have wasted a lot of time. i liked the RTS-like gameplay, but if it’s going to become like this then all i have to say is, nha don’t like it.

  13. As a non CV user, 1:49 I didn’t know that a Yamato looks this lively when her AA guns are all in action.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      The Nobody the last time it was this good was open beta. They literally returned it after 2-3 long years – and further buffed it with WoWPs air explosions.

    • Its the aa change that comes with cv rework. All ships will fire tons of bullets rather than fireworks like they do now. It looks much more cool like this

  14. I kinda love how single planes can show different signs of damage to them like engine smoke, fuel trails and oil leaks. A little graphical finesse <3
    As for the gameplay, i dunno how its difference is going to be since i never played the old cv's 😀

  15. Wenn ich World of Warplanes spielen will spiele ich das. Das wenn kommt sind CVs für mich gestorben. Ich spiele die extra wegen dem taktischen Aspekt. So nein danke brauche keine Arcade Flug Modus. Wenn das so kommt will ich Dublonen für meine Saipan und Enterprise haben.😡

  16. Just 3 aircrafts at a time outta that whole squadron?????

  17. I love worcester and gearing. And i think RIP cvs. Try cross drop on my dds. But as cv player its very meh.

  18. torps seem faster

  19. Now the planes are the most powerful thing in the game .
    This is not fair, the game loses balance .

  20. Это что за хуйня?!?

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