Extra Smoke wins – Minotaur 8 kills + 378k damage || World of Warships

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Commander_Cornflakes X Minotaur
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  1. Minotaur in a Division with extra smoke….hard to beat !

  2. Natthaphong Wongwai

    they have 4ships radar but cant kill mino

  3. Last 3 to 4 enemies throw the game. Why rush a Shima and a Minataur one by one? They had the advantage with two capture points and could have waited for them to come…maybe just sailing away and interrupting the cap.

  4. Close calls here and there, but great torpedo attack predictions. That friendly Shima also deserves praise for good teamplay.

  5. I love Minotaur faster turn of turrets.

  6. 4:10 “Come on, boy” moment.

  7. A serial killer Minotaur, whit smoke and torpedoes…there I go. Moron team.

  8. Great teamwork

  9. When i saw that Baltimore coming, i thought “ok, it’s over… the Minotaur will die now”
    And then the Baltimore launched a catapult fighter

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