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Parseval funny moments memes aircraft carrier


  1. Stupidity Animations

    I love your videos! pls do one on cleveland, my all-time favorite

  2. I feel like the German carriers were meant to excel against German BBs and perform average against other BBs in terms of the AP bombs

  3. The TFS Vegeta at the beginning was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

  4. Despite the nerfs, Parseval is still the undisputed king of Tier 7 CV. This ship alone has garnered me the most hate filled messages from salty players.

    Also, when will DD players learn to turn off their AA. You’re just asking to be easily found and blind torped inside smoke as well.

  5. B A L A N Z. Just dodge, smile.

  6. Any chance you’ll do a video on Montana? I’m researching her rn and I wanna know how good she is compared to GK, Yamato or Conkek.

  7. We have the same skin and world of warships for PC and in this game when you boost you actually see the flames come out of the engine

  8. Seth en Lasse Schoovaerts

    Love your vids, they always get a smile on my face and make my day.
    So tysm pg.
    Could you pls do a video on Giulio cesare.

  9. can we please get a vittorio veneto playthrough

  10. Admiral Bizmarck Ch.

    Gotta love the Hearts of Iron 4 music . Great video as always!

  11. @Aaron Tate Do U think that if they add submarines it will be ok?

  12. This is cursed having a 90s/80s plane in a pre war to early cold War game

  13. Can you do a video on Poltava, please. It’s a ship I don’t think gets enough love.

  14. tfw you literally would kill an Odin in 2 attacks w/one squadron

  15. @TigerTerrorist79 funny and good things always have to end

  16. Love your vids
    Can you do Vittorio Veneto pls? I need some tips Cause the accuracy is terrible even if i use Liachino

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