F.D.Roosevelt DONE AND DONE – World of Warships

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I finally managed to be done with this wretched ship, like Izumo and Roon it took me quite a while to fix its stats and my God was it a boring grind, but we finally got it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Stefs Engineering

    Congrats on the fix! Now you can try arty in World of tanks 😉

  2. Fighters locking depth charges planes seems incredibly stupid xD

    • It is, but it’s very good for surface ships. Been using it a lot for spotting fighters.

      You see fighters dropped to spot and send asw planes, they fly further than the drop window so you can cancel fighters and remove the spotting.

      In rare cases you can use this offensively to help your cv chase a dd that’s been given cover.

    • Yup this is a nice counterplay against fighter spotting and will bring back some power to surface ships. (Though I’m very sure WG will surely patch this ASAP lol)

  3. That Pommern love this game so much

  4. Luciano Berton Casanovas

    That 1 Malta drop

  5. I feel like people forget how broken this carrier is

    • Midway is better than FDR tho

    • Charles Stromvall

      I got nuked into oblivion by FDR in Massachusetts.

    • @RedEclipse 4ever It has faster planes than FDR, much more damage potential (as you dont need to wait 20 sec to strike again) and her planes still have more health than MVR and Haku (Haku is still better than midway because speed > Health). And midway can absolutely murder DDs, which FDR cant do in a consistent way. If you are losing too many planes, try managing the heal a bit more and avoid groups of ships.

    • Well, all carriers are inherently broken. But FDR isn’t any more broken than the others. Sure, it has big alpha strikes. But when you consider the slow planes that take time to reach enemy ships. And the 20 second cool down. It actually underperforms compared to some of the other CV’s. Nakimov is hands down the best cv in the game right now. All of its squadrons can do high damage, and it has the 1 squadron AA damage reduction gimmick.

  6. Cant wait for the new dev blog where they decide if theyre gonna keep depth charge planes as patrol fighters but for subs. Wonder if theyll still have weird interactions with carrier fighters

  7. 7 bombs hit on a battleship = 20k+ damage
    8 bombs hit on a CV = 0 damage
    WarGaming is insane

    • @Auzor the japanese supercarrier that was never fully complete (still had a few boiler rooms incomplete amongst other things) had to be moved further inland to protect it from bombing runs that were getting close to its harbour. It couldnt move at full speed and a single (cannot recall nationality, maybe british?) submarine had spotted it and through sheer luck for the sub and incorrect decision making by the carrier’s captain, the sub was able to sink it and pretty much end japan’s super weapon before it ever came to bear fruit.

      I guess what im trying to say is that wows cannot be called a simulation of naval combat at all beyond the fact that it features some historic ships and tried to build their hulls as close to the originals as possible. Almost everything else is made up for the sake of it being a game, and i suppose there’s no other way to have it unless they make the battles to last 2 hours on much bigger maps and with added objectives and gameplay depth :p

    • and when the malta had perma flooding, it was hardly doing anything

    • @Yan N Oh, I wasn’t in favor of adding subs to the game. Or even the CV reeework.
      And submarine torpedoes go at ludicrous speeds (the tier 10 Balao torps go faster than Langley & The Russian T4 *plane* cruise speed).

      But historical facts matter, subs were very, very effective vs CV’s, and transports.
      Despite the US having faulty torps, despite German subs being heavily hunted, and despite the Japanese mostly using their subs as fleet support.
      What WOWS totally misrepresents is how effective subs were during WW1 – WW2 vs active warships, destroyers especially.
      And subs diving after eating a few heavy shells. Etc…
      Or subs running away from destroyers underwater… destroyer should be quite capable of overtaking.

    • CesarinPillin Gaming

      @Yan N It was the Archerfish, American SUB that sank the Yamato carrier conversion.
      And yes, it was totally incomplete. It had no waterright bulkheads, no cover for cableholes between compartments , barely any damage control equipment and completely newb crew.

      The ship sank pretty quickly.

  8. 13:35 Funniest shit I’ve seen Flambino do in several months.

  9. Are plans immune during the attack phase?

  10. They have armoured decks that can bounce 483mm shells. The DCP is automatic and lasts 10 seconds. They auto detect nearby submarines and drop depth charges on them with perfect precision. Truly a balanced class.

  11. 10:44 that is a CV moment right there 😀 any other ship would have gotten 20k plus 2 fires. but thank god the CV’s demacon lasts a full minute. otherwise the poor thing would suffer too much from all this damage.

  12. So glad that you started including the stat changes in these videos! much better youtube experience

  13. Fighters should all be like bearn fighters.

    Even ship ones, but they should last the duration instead of leaving after one engagement.

    Like a full fighter build on bearn means they last 2 minutes, can wipe any squadron they can see including t8 and have hp on par with FDR strike squads.

    Those fighters can be dropped on a CV and last long enough to wipe any planes sent out. They are actually useful for plane combat.

  14. I love how this carrier’s planes don’t give a damn f*ck about AA or even fighters.

  15. Sorry to hear ragingcanadian is calling it quits……..his last vid summed up wows perfectly!! thank you for posting this video

  16. I’m not sure that counts for all CVs vs all dive bombers, but yeah. Quite a few T10 CVs are pretty OP, but all the new ones WG pulled out of their ass are nuts. CVs at lower tiers are a bit better balanced (and can be bombed), but that isn’t saying much.


  18. Don’t mean to be rude or offend you but I think it’d be better if you sent 2-3 sets of planes back before striking. that would leave you with 4-5 sets, which would allow you to get in 2-3 good strikes. You would save a decent amount of planes overall, which is a good habit to have. You were starting to run low on planes near the end and in a more intense game, that woulda maybe screwed you over. I feel you were just throwing your entire squadron out there cuz FDR lol. just a friendly suggestion ofc. good to see your gameplay regardless

    • I think he choose not to do that to maximize his damage output. Sending the planes back to base allows you to have more late game, but then you spend less time attacking the targets at the game start due to the flight time for each small group.

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