F. Sherman + Halsey Is Crazy | World of Warships

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. F. Sherman is so much fun! Win or lose, always a hoot.

  2. One thing I learned when I was playing with the sherman is the fact that I open up with HE and start fires before I swap to SAP. I want the enemy to DCP the fire so I can restart it and then swap to SAP to continue pummeling him while hes burning. I noticed to many sherman players not using HE and only using SAP. HE makes a huge difference when it comes down to taking a target’s health pool away quickly. But thats me, I like to burn my targets and then pelt him with SAP Dakka until he is gone. and youre right. the full DPM build lacks additional smoke which really sucks but if you are playing a full gun boat build without CE and extra range (AFT) you should be fine and should be able to dodge incoming fire. I try not to play to close to the enemy also like to send torpedoes which I get a 50/50 hit on targets. but when they do they hit like a truck

    • I was trying the same strategy for a while, but the SAP is so good that I found it usually wasn’t worth giving up the extra damage while waiting to get a fire started.

  3. You just need to carry harder dude. 😂 With a ‘team’ like that there is no way.

  4. Getting Flamu vibes: 300k and a kraken in a elbing is sure a win, right?

  5. Sherman is kind of fun, it will be my next coal ship

  6. I love this boat

  7. Ow, my back hurts. I have the Sherman, but I don’t think I’ve played even five games with it. It’s a real pig, but even my worst game (caught by radar) still was nearly 50k. You inspire me get back into it (I’m usually playing Halland or Kleber).

  8. You would’ve won that game if there was a time extension…

  9. I was unaware that being a second line DD meant running to the I line

    • Depends on your teams and enemy positions. If there are two Schlieffens, you NEED to stay away from their secondary range 😉

  10. Great game, shame it was a loss, however I find the Sherman is really dependent on team play

  11. Unemployed_History_Major

    Just tried this set up. First game: 110k damage and a kraken. It works. Can confirm.

  12. Man, just imagine your base xp if you had managed to pull that win out. It would have been a 3.5k game, easily!

  13. I’m more of a BB person myself, but I have Sherm, and despite her being a pig, she slaps when you really open her up. I’ll always prefer my Bama and GK though over anything.

  14. Because of how the tickrates work in the game, a full DPM Sherman with Halsey procced will achieve maximum adrenaline rush with .86 seconds at around 70% health. In order to get a quicker reload, it needs at least 1 buff of arms race reload. At 3 reload buffs, it will max out at .57 seconds at 50% hp

  15. I like this build. It bullies radar cruisers especially petro from closing in.

  16. I hope the ship doesnt get a nerf to its dpm

  17. Holy crap! Amazing battle. If your teammates had made just a tad more contribution you would have had the win.

  18. That was very entertaining, I just checked I have the Sherman I’ll need to dust it off and give it a try

  19. This is why win percentage is not an accurate representation of skill unless you’re sitting over 60% or under 45% imo. Anywhere in-between you’re at the mercy of the gods

  20. doesn’t the sherman description in game say its a sub hunter but is in fact sub prey in game =0

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