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  1. Eyyy, another Trenlass video. I see Sherman, I know this is gonna be good

  2. shermans rapidly becoming one of my fav ships despite the fact im not a dd main. that reload is really good and she melts most if not all other enemy dds

    • And some battleships too.

    • The torp angles drive me crazy though. I would rather have 3km knife fight torps with better angles then 16.5 that are basically unusable.

    • @Matthew10950 understandable. i mean irl her torps were homing torps and we cant have that on a dd ~~fine for subs though~~ but it makes sense for her tubes to be like that considering. and most times i just find myself flinging em out and getting ocassional lucky hits on things that i didnt expect to be there so really just focus more on her great guns. they make the ship very very much worth it trust me

  3. You should be using the sap more.

  4. What im getting most frustrated aboout this game is the sheer incompetence of your avarage WoW player.
    I think the difference between a decent player and a player with thousands of battles but playing like he has less than 100 is making the games extremely unbalanced, predictable and unfun in general.
    Imagine a team that has a tier 10 destroyer that doesn’t know what hes doing, the opponent’s destroyer even though it’s not a unicum knows the basics. Your team will be ruined right from the start and the defeat becomes very predictable.
    I think I played this game too much to look at the minimap in the first minute of a game and know with 80% accuracy which team will win.
    All that before adding retardation like CVs that will keep you spoted the entire game, imbeciles with superships and, soon, submarines.

    • I do the same thing…look at the map in the first minutes to see if I am going to lose. Shouldn’t be so easy to do.

  5. Great vid! Is there a place to see the captain build?

  6. Same thing happened to me with world of tanks. Only had a 52% win rate but did not mind that as much as the way the games would be over quickly and very one sided. As you said the suspense and fun of a longer game that was evenly matched disappeared and so did I over two years ago. I had played WOT for over 7 years prior to that.

  7. Awesome video as usual

  8. Your vid pushed me getting one. Got in a match with an Austin, we became battle buddies, it was hilarious.

  9. Sherman in clan battles soon?

  10. Damn glad to see you are absolutely enjoying this one!

  11. 9:35 to 9:45 me laughing like an idiot

  12. I wonder how many torps there are in the oceans that just ran out of fuel and dropped to the bottom.

  13. I also like the line: “enemy aircraft carrier blown up” 🙂 The american voices are the best here

  14. Destroyer Inazuma

    AA and AA consumables should be buffed across the board.

  15. nice to see you having fun.

  16. Agreed. Games over in 5 minutes sometimes lately. One team melts or runs away

  17. I also struggle with being too passive vs too aggressive in matches and what is that moron Halland doing on 1 line

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