[Facts with Fem] Graf Zeppelin: 6 Months Later – World of Warships [Beginner]

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Since its initial catastrophic release in August 2017 the Graf Zeppelin has been a hot topic to anyone remotely interested in CVs in World of Warships. The ship has gone through 5 rounds of community testing and see many variations tried. However WG has finally decided on its final form. Quite possibly the only German CV we will see in the game is quickly become one of my favorite ships to play.


  1. O my has it been 6 months??????
    Fem what do you think about the new midway fighters? I was going to free so over Essex but now I am not sure of midway is usable with t8 then t9 fighters?
    What do you think?

    • Dude i did not snipe he sniped me 5 time in a row hence getting 113 planes plz read carefully ..and i have said before best way to fight a saipan is not to fight it…Ps ok sorry i get what you said about sniping it me that needs to read carefully

    • SCI I got that he sniped you. I am just shaking my head about the idea of sniping. Cv at t8 and above are god t aa and its a no fly zone.

    • was running one of my Kaga 19 point captains on it AA specked and was 4.2.2.

    • The changes to the Midway fighters aren’t as bad as what everyone thinks they are. With DFE you’ll still get the same engagements as what you did previously. The change will more impact the planes against enemy BB/CA/DD AA, that being they will be more vulnerable. Considering the issue on the initial change being that Midway fighters would smoke through Haku fighters, and then with the ample strike force be able to quickly clean up the opposing ships, the ship really needed this small change to give Haku fighters a chance.

    • Femennenly CV thanks. After the whole line it would have been nice to finally been better than everyone else!

  2. Not sure I can be this positive over something this wonky. It’s too skill-less/braindead IMO.
    In terms of power: I’m not ok with AP bombs and nuking specific ships. Especially since unlike other AP bombers, there is no counterplay to this one because of the circular drop.

    • No counter? Sure there is, spec for AA lol. 85% of what I play is German BB’s and they aren’t exactly know for their AA, but as everyone knows they are pretty strong and have great secondaries as well as hydro. Around 90% of the games I play don’t have a CV but when I do get into a CV game in a German BB (especially against a CV with good AP bombs) I just hope for the best. Every ship has a weakness, for German BB’s that weakness is AP bombs and most of the time CV’s in general. You cant expect to have a perfect counter for every situation in every ship, there has to be a weakness. So most of the time I can counter DD’s with my hydro and secondaries, I can counter CA’s with both my high caliber BB guns and secondaries and I can counter other BB’s with my ability to tank and deal massive amounts of DMG and once again secondaries if they get close enough. So CV’s are the biggest threat to the German BB’s and I’m fine with that because there has to be a counter, and for German BB’s a CV is the strongest counter in most cases (in my experience that is). Boy that was lengthy

    • > No counter? Sure there is, spec for AA lol.
      I meant counterplay like turning into torpedoes and turning out of line with the usual divebomber reticle. But sure, stroke your ego. One of these days, you’re gonna get nuked by these even though you were specced for AA. You might take out one whole squad before it reaches you, but guess what, there’s two more. And those two are more than are needed.

      ps. I rarely if ever sail german BBs. I like my USB BBs, and if a CV really wants to strike you, they’ll strike you regardless of your AA specced ship. My comment was made from a game balance perspective, not a “how it will impact me” perspective.

    • I do know what you mean by this, it was an extremely easy ship to play when the enemy CV was… not doing much. Very low skill ceiling. Pulling the dmg numbers I did wouldn’t have been possible had I had a decent counter.

    • Femennenly CV so bombs are wonderful against Bismark/Tirpitz Romas I have one shotted but trying to get into t10 cruisers ouch. When I drop on us bb 8 and up it does 5 to 10k most of the time. Sometimes I get that 15-20 k hit.
      I am not a fan of the he because its so much harder to aim.

    • zach taylor no idea what server you’re playing but in eu you get a cv in 8/10 games. together with the shit he spam cruisers and bbs and the stupid torpedo belt and the overmatching t9 and t10 yamatos it isn’t exactly the most pleasant to play german bbs. and we aren’t even talking about the ridiculous t10 cv strike power

  3. Planning on doing a piece on Enterprise?

  4. Great stuff kiddo! I can see they went for the circle figure for the AP bombers, which backs up your beginner friendly statement. Although I’m not getting this ship for it’s DB’s (I could have fixed my fix with Enterprise many months ago) I’m actually getting this ship for it’s secondaries. Trying to delete a DD when it’s near you with planes is no piece of cake, so about time we have a CV that has another defensive alternative.

    Anyhow, thanks again for the opinion piece. Appreciate it!

  5. It kind of reminds me of the Kaga – good striking power, so-so fighters.

    • leops1984 very Kaga ish. Easier with strikes imo but if you play lazily you will get punished by enemy fighters.

    • leops1984 I meet one in my lex. The AP blew up everything but they are easy to shoot down and there not very fast. Its Kaga at t8

    • That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Frustrating on both ends, just like old arty in WoT.

    • aboomination its somthing that you have to keep up on it all game long. You might get all the fighter but with 3 so db that can damage anything with just a few bombs. It does make for a busy game.
      And that is a good thing.

  6. they should give it slow acoustic guided torps ..And fem dont want to be rude but Get a Pop filter but a still good job ..i trust your input more then a someone we all know

  7. still waiting for this to come back to the shop…hopefully soon tm

    • MiiXD will be 3 months from the date that it is considered finalized before they can consider releasing it, so you’ve got a little more waiting to do.

  8. Fem, where are you from? I can’t decide if I hear Kiwi.

  9. I have to give WG credit on this. I know they changes and started the problem but fixing the problem they did a great job. Letting public be involved in the fixing. Giving the perm camo.
    WG deserves some credit for that.

    • Yep. I completely agree. The ship was a complete disaster at release for both the ship characteristics and the circumstances around it, but I will give credit where its due and the decision to involve the community in its rehab was a great move imo. Should it of come to that in the first place – no, but I mean, at least they provided a good solution.

  10. Great summary, Fem!
    I am not looking forward to reviewing this one. x_x

  11. Commander Cornflakes

    It’s GRRaf Zeppelin, not Gaf Zeppelin ._.

  12. Yah, seeing that bomber attack delete a full strength Sharnhorst in one pass without loosing any planes just shows how freeking BROKEN carriers still are.

    • Nunya Beeswax tbh it could’ve been prevented but the opposing CV was… Kappa

    • But yet a BB deleteing a ship in 1 selvo is fine, and bb can fire every 30 seconds give or take and cv can strike every 2 ish plus minutes DPM per minute isnt even close hmmm i call that fair

    • Cameron Barnes 2 ish minutes!? No way, the time it takes you to fly your planes out, attack, fly back, reload etc way exceeds 2 minutes. Up to 3 and a half in most cases. I try to reduce this by playing against islands and more into the game but there is a lot to slow down a CV on its way to attack.

    • Femennenly CV
      I was being very very generous exsample siapan running TB only 2kms away strikeing a DD
      But bismark has what 11600 AP damage per shell x8 =92800, now without modifiers 2.3 shells per minute 92800×2.3= 213440 and does not include secondaries,

    • I would defently not claim cv are op or broken working on that maths CV’s need a buff

  13. as a CV main I find it quite unfair for a CV to be able to delete a full HP Scharn in one pass =

    • snwbubble to be fair I had nothing opposing me with that attack. All 3 DBs hit with AP.

    • true, but there was nothing the Scharn player could do, especially with the drop circle being what it is, instead of the usual oval. I just think AP bombs are too overpowered and it’s things like being able to delete a full HP Scharn in one pass that makes everyone else hate us CV players, and a lot of the time I can understand where they are coming from

    • snwbubble I do agree, I’m really not a fan of the circle drop, it’s just too easy to fit. That Scharn did do the one thing to try and prevent his death – he asked me nicely not to attack hehe.

  14. “And one Fem to Rule them All”


  15. Just wondering if you think the Royal Navy CV line will be?
    Tier IV HMS Argus (I49) [HMS Furious (47) as Premium]
    Tier V HMS Hermes (95) [HMS Eagle (94) (Eagle Class) as Premium]
    Tier VI HMS Colossus (Colossus Class), [HMCS Magnificient (Majestic/ Colossus Class) Canadian Premium], [HMAS Melbourne (Majestic/ Colossus Class) Australian Premium] & [Arromanches (R95) (Majestic/ Colossus Class) French Premium]
    Tier VII HMS Illustrious (Illustrious Class)
    Tier VIII HMS Audacious (Audacious Class) & [HMS Ark Royal (91) as Premium]
    Tier IX HMS Centaur (Centaur Class)
    Tier X HMS Malta (Malta Class) Paper ship scrapped at end of WW2

    Just my musings, what do you think? How close will I be in 12-18 Months when they are finally in game? or much longer? Best wishes and look forward to your next presentation

    • Glen Sullivan honestly I’m not super knowledgeable on the history of RN CVs enough to put a line together myself.

      I will say WG will never make a CV prem at T4. T7/8 seem to be where they are comfortable, I’ve been begging for months for a T6 prem.

    • True, I am spit balling and given the RN CV lines I would think that HMS Centaur (Centaur Class) would be the Tier X, Malta not needed. Not sure which Tier Ark Royal would be, so I am guessing 8 but could just as easy be 7. Indefatigiable Class could slot in at 8 and Audacious at 9? Be’arn was a French Carrier and could come in at 7, Aquilla was an unfinished Italian Carrier, and Courageous Class of RN. I can see how it would be tough to be a game dev with so much there in History to work with!! As a easy premium I thought Colossus/majestic Class, because they became Carriers in many Navies, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, France, Argentina and India. It has taken World of Tanks a long time to flesh out the National trees and it is still going!! I have a ton of your vids to catch up on, carry on the great content

    • Just a little research showed that UK, Canada had Bogues HMS Emperor and HMCS Nabob so those are easy Tier V. Well back to the Matrix

    • Cantaur was a very light carrier with only 42 aircraft. Implacable will most likely be the tier 9.

    • What, no Habakkuk, the 610m long pykrete/ice aircraft carrier?

  16. I just can not take the CV play too seriously when U.S. is saddled with tier 5 and 6 CVs that were escort/light CVs not designed for fleet v. fleet actions.

  17. I didn’t know it’s actually called Gaf Zeppelin. Thought it was Graf Zeppelin.

  18. geez finally some info on the graf

  19. We need gameplay a lot of gameplay

  20. i really hate the 3 dive bomber loadout, their is absolutely nothing a cruisers or BB can do about them and you cant really heal that damage back. atlest with the enterprise’s drop pattern you can maneuver against them to dodge them. point and click is just ridicules.

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