Fails and Funny World of Warships moments Episode 14

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It is back, and in style. The Speshul compilation you guys have been waiting for so long and it has a special touch to it. I personally don’t have the time for these any more but I found someone who does, and he does it professionally and I really hope you guys like and enjoy them.

Thank you 😉


  1. i’ve been lowkey waiting for one of these for so long lol

  2. Last time I was this early, they had just invented dirt.

  3. Loving these new edits in this compilation! Keep it up, looking forward to more *speshul* =p

  4. that one joke was the best i have heard in a long time

  5. ochinchin daisuki

    the only issue with this video is that its too short~

  6. 7:40 was priceless

  7. @8:40 sounds like a conversation I have with the wife.

  8. Bobby Tide Pod 1

    That was too good. I love the clips with you, Monkey and Trenlass. you three are way too funny! Please lets have more.

  9. In U.S. we have company that makes Ma Smith’s pies, so their delivery drivers are the true mother truckers.

  10. what exactly happened?

  11. 5:43

    that drop tho

  12. Spectacular_Insanity

    @Chris F Flambass got jumpscared by his own notification sound.

  13. Napoleon Bonerpant

    I can’t understand the explanation of the joke even…

  14. A Colo dealing 30k in a volley… Jesus..

  15. The weird thing is, it was a Colorado, and he was super far away if you look at the map right before.
    But.. I guess it has 406mm guns. It’s just that normally the dispersion screws you over at range.

  16. One bit of constructive criticism: to me it feels like a lot of the clips are too close together, like it feels like they need a little bit more breathing room. Beyond that, great job new editor!

  17. Flambass:Talks about heart rate and blood pressure
    Stream: W A K E U P !

  18. hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa
    say HELLOOO to my litle friend !
    one of THE best on yt!

  19. Hope weegee looks on their spreadsheets from time to time and will see that most deaths are to fires and he shells and do something to fix that

  20. His reaction was priceless.

  21. Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

    8:36 That’s some kind of marriage training? Because if it is, you mastered this already. Now you’re able to get a wife!

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