Fakking Sherman Initial Impressions + Captain + Equipment build – World of Warships

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F. Sherman is the latest addition to WoWS.
It’s a tier 10 USN DD, definitely a gunboat, but a very weird one.
You can obtain it for gold or coal in the armory and I would say it’s worth it for randoms, probably not so much for competitive.

Good sides:

– Dakka can get pretty insane
– good range and velocity of guns and torps
– HE fires + SAP for dmg
– fast turrets and good angles
– decent HP pool
– has hydro

Bad sides:
– no heal
– poor concealment
– only 3 guns (2 in the back)
– only 4 torps (2 on each side) FIXED
– only 2(+1) smoke – they are long smokes at least
– slow for a DD

Overall I think it’s a powerful and fun (for now at least) to play DD in randoms. Try putting Halsey on it and get that confederate for insane dakka, but be careful how you trade your HP, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 11:54 , I bet this moment is gonna be a part of the next Free the brain WOW’s twitch compilation .

  2. 5inch 54/Mk42!!! I was a gunnery officer on those mounts!!
    p.s. But had I fired at that rate in real life the barrels would’ve melted after 50 rounds.

    • Are you saying you can actually fire ships gun at that rate? 😀

    • @Superuser009 Thats honestly amazing that those things could fire up to around that rate. Its pure insanity

    • @Stewen W Same deal for the mk45 on board the Arleigh Burke class. Can technically do this ROF, but only as long as the drum is loaded, the barrel doesn’t melt, and you don’t get a misfire(chances of which increase with use).

  3. I have the sherman as well. However, I dont use Concealment expert for the simple fact that the concealment is terrible and I want fearless brawler to kick in sooner. I go full gun build with it. I use Survivability expert, Fearless Brawler and AFT for the extra gun range so you can reach targets. Im basically using the Marceaux build on the sherman. and my last point goes into incoming fire alert. When your fearless brawler kicks in, its disgusting. Sadly I dont have Halsey yet.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Conelment is good you have 6.5km det range = you can outspot one enemy that is most dangerous and if often meet in ranker … marceau , I had few battles past week when I manage to cap thank to that strategy , and afterall sherman is not brawler , she have smoke for a reason , those guns are fast but no OP .
      (BTW I only played her in ranked against T10 , so she can be OP in random)

  4. Can’t wait for WG to add the 76mm SR into the game, 2 shells per seconds would be insanity (0.5 reload).

  5. WoWS: How much Dakka do you want Sherman?
    Sherman: Yes.

  6. Good morning. Not sure if anyone else has heard that the Forest Sherman has been sent as escort for a naval fleet off the Russian Coast as a show of strength.
    Great game my man. This ship is a DAKKA machine.

  7. That kind of reload is only fun for the one having it. To be the target of that dpm ruins the game….

    Regardless of that, wp Flambass.

  8. Forrest Sherman was the last all gun destroyer of the US Navy. Twelve hundred PSI boilers pushed the ship. It’s the Gearing all growed up and is undoubtedly the best looking DD ever built.

    • “growed” loool, how about “grown”
      “…boilers pushed the ship…” that would be screws
      You plonker xD

  9. I spent my little savings of coal on this, its another insane dpm ship… Just another ship to help speed the games up, so they only last 6 min…I still think Marceau is better, But its close…Thing is insane, i melt everything with that SAP, even some BBs.

  10. Thx for showing your builds on YT!

  11. first time i fought one was in my shima it was memorable because he said “who plays shima in 2022 lol?” a smoke appeared in the cap i was trying to flip launched some fish got a hit and gunned his ass down lol personally im more terrified of the french dds the sherman seems extremely clumsy however gg man awesome game

  12. Ive actually been on one of these ships! The USS Edson!

    Been a few years but she was a beauty, very excited to get this ship!

  13. You need survivability expert cause its hp lost isnt it? So more hp to lose means more reload boost

  14. The Sherman and the gearing have the same he dpm. But the shell flight time and the fire chance is much better

  15. CesarinPillin Gaming

    11:50 That moment when Fireworks says the Sherman’s captain just replaced a random dude for Rambo as main gun battery boss.

  16. I enjoy her alot. She won’t come close to replacing my vampire, but fun.
    I wish for 1 change, ill take only 2 torps a side, but give them arcs for the love of god!!! In 50 games I’ve hit TWO torps! All they are good for is letting an enemy know there’s a sherman.

  17. Should use sap more often. You farm those broadside bbs with it, and without even realizing you have 200k of just sap damage

  18. Wraithsong Gaming

    that dakka is insane. so many shells it almost looked hard to aim near the end lol

  19. It’s a 1950s US destroyer, last strictly gun destroyer built for the Navy. Some were later converted to add missiles. I am surprised they didn’t go with the second in the class, the John Paul Jones. It was fun to watch you play that ship.

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