Fantastic Warships and where to find them (World of Warships)

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(I recorded this right after my hospital visit, big thanks to my dad, who came with to make sure I was okay even though he hit a deer and totaled his car and his hand that morning)


  1. I’m Moving! My WarOwl video making equipment and studio is all packed up now, I’ll be back as soon as I can set up in my new home (unless another horrible twist of fate befalls me once again as it has the past 2 months)

  2. Badri narayan About science and other stuff!

    Who is waiting for WarOwl for doing CSGO tips?!

    • Good old warowl. I think he already teached us everything he knows. Warowl isn’t top tier player, he is maybe slightly above global elite level but sefinitely lower than fc lvl 10 or esea s ranj

    • Well, I think that’s because he doesn’t play only CS:GO. If he trained all day, he could be up there. 😉

  3. No one does paid content better than War Owl.

  4. Countership: warship offensive

  5. p r o d u c t i o n v a l u e

  6. Loved the inclusion of IRLz with vidja games. GG Monsieur Owl.

  7. i could almost see the sweat dripping from your forehead when you said this was a microtransaction based game. bless your good heart Brent

  8. To all that think that shooting from a helicopter is easy… well it’s not.

    Also sweet green screen WarOwl. Can you do a space station next ? :]


  9. WarOwl should have been on rewind

  10. Listening to you on the Yorktown, I felt some serious Ken Burns going on. Let’s see WarOwl Presents: History.

  11. I like how u make the boring sponsor videos more interesting by adding ur magic to it <3 🙂

    • He made me start playing World of Tanks (I still do) and Rainbow Six Siege.
      WarOwl is so good at advertizing :^]

      I just remember that he made me play Insurgency, too. I think I just like his taste :^

  12. Couldn’t care less about the actual game but i really liked the video though. The Promotions on this channel are always very entertaining to watch. Good work Warowl!

  13. That’s a lotta effort in a video, especially so since you just got out of the hospital. Great job man, the work you put in really shows!

  14. You’d actually make a great presenter for a documentary or something 🙂

  15. Damn, they shelled out some big bucks for this promotion! Warship helicopter tour, WarOwl actually outside, walking a 1/6th of a mile etc… Good promo!

  16. They should pay you double for the effort you put in these videos.

  17. That was indeed a really good green screen.

  18. Wow your greenscreening has really gotten good, it looked like you really walked across that ship and went in the helicopter!

  19. the perfect sponsored video doesn’t exi…

  20. You know Rainbow Six Siege could be a good game if you want to add other games to the channel 🙂

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