Farewell Wargaming Emeryville CA – World of Warships

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What was once NA in , is March 31st, so we give a very fond farewell and send off. Not all employees will go to , where WG has a building already. Some will. Thank everyone of you, the WG Emeryville staff, for all the hard work you put in. Best of luck!


  1. if they like music, they will love, LOVE Austin. of course it is still surrounded by Texas..but despite that.

  2. Clicked on the video thinking – I don’t recall any heavy cruiser called Emeryville. I did the California to Texas move many years ago – Texas is a big improvement on life!

  3. I am sorry Zoup, friends are hard to come by.

  4. Don’t watch this. It’s just rant another boring rant

  5. Well hopefully I’ll be moving to San Antonio later and be able to meet some of the new guys that will be based in Austin.

  6. I will miss Trevor. Meet him once and meet him in chat with his ship vids.
    I meet him at the d day event. I got there on Sat and all the fun was on Sunday. He felt sorry for me and gives me a ship that I love.
    He will be missed.

  7. the economic climate is getting toxic in the Bay area also, quite a few are packing up and heading here to Texas.

  8. I don’t think I could have handled a move to Texas. I like my CA bubble. It’s a good bubble xD

    • DrMacintosh well I hope you make over 100k, since that’s what you need to live decent in this stupid state. I love CA but I hate the one party gov that rules this state. High taxes, inflated housing prices and the cost of living is absurd.

    • Not sure what you definition of comfortable is, but you do not need to make 100k a year to live here. Yes taxes are high, yes cost of living is high, that has very little to do with Democrats.

  9. WGs decisions are cool. Because they realized that Notser is important. Why else would they go to Austin where he lives :)))

  10. You can only handle so much liberalism before it’s time to flee.

    • Patriot 03 well as we can see the liberal mindsets even these large tech and gaming companies even though they try to keep their “left leaning look on things” at the end of the day financially they have to swing more conservative as it is in the long run cheaper and more effective for business strategy.

  11. Many businesses are moving out of commiefornia… the taxation has increased so much in that state, many companies are moving.

    • “commiefornia” as a card carrying member of the communist party, only an white American male could ever write such things. Meanwhile since the 50s the federal government has mandated a radio quiet zone in WV where what you use in your household and your way of life is legally regulated by federal law. But hey, being dumb about your own country is too easy.

    • Zeitgeist X How do you know he is white and male? It’s not relevant. Communism also may not be your thing if you’re worrying about the size of the federal government being too big.

    • Zeitgeist X Im from east indies, brown as mud, and i think you’re a dick.

    • The radio quiet zone is a small area and people are free to move if they don’t like it. also regulating the use of certain equipment is no different than telling people what side of they road they can drive on

  12. Very smart business move for WG to make. California is anti everything, unless you break the law and then you are okay to the state government.

  13. The Cali exodus continues.

  14. Thanks, Zoup, for saying what we all think.

  15. I feel weird that I didn’t know anyone you mentioned besides meathead especially as an alpha tester you’d think I’d know some but I never really had communication with any of them let alone know their names/them to miss them, but i wish them all the best.

  16. PickelJars ForHillary

    Maybe they will now be able to get a competent support team.

  17. Hmmm that’s a Comcast area .. I think … ask Noster how wonderful they are … poor WG
    Anyways ..
    Good luck to all the guys from the Old Wg Office and the New Office may they all have fair winds and following seas XX

  18. Well said Zoup – as you say, I hope the best for all those who chose not to remain with WG and hope they continue to have success in their lives.

  19. Tovarish_Kartoshka 4

    Greetings No Zoup I got Question for you Sr do you think if is possible talk about the T- 61 WARGAMING say about two months ago the release the ship and is M.I.A where is it please comment about where is the T- 61 please thank you Sr

  20. Good cause California sucks with all Its liberal democratics, with its higher taxes, and so forth. Lot of business are moving to Texas from California. cause of better business friendly practices. California get what it deserves this is a dieing state. Good for WoWs this is a smart move.

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