FASTEST GUNS In The Game! Teir 10 GEARING! (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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FASTEST GUNS In The Game! Teir 10 GEARING! (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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  1. u suck on torps

  2. you shouldn’t fire out of smokescreens

  3. THANK YOU PHLY! I would link you but that function broke on the Android
    YouTube app…

    Gearing FTW! BTW, do you play on the NA server? Because I bought myself the
    most beautiful ship in the game, the Atago! I LOVE HER!

    Anyway, if you play on the NA server I’ll try to find you – IF that’s cool
    with you, we could do some divisions! I am only at tier 5 for USN BB and
    DD, then tier 5 with the FuriousTaco (THANK GOD it is getting a buff! TBH,
    til they buff the Furutaka I will probably just play) – My Nicholas, New
    York, Murmansk, Yubari, Arkansas Beta, and most of all, my AMAZING Atago!

    Anyway would LOVE to play on your team sometime! Peace from the east coast

  4. I think you’re better off using AP on other DDs

  5. phly boosts gets your detectablity ranges increases

  6. Play the Colorado? It’s a struggle for most people so I would like you to
    play it

  7. No one cares for your “first comment” shit

  8. second

  9. Sorry to be that guy but you spelled Tier wrong.

  10. KON-GOU class BB next!!

  11. first comment under 301 club wewwww ladzzz

  12. The only thing I can say is good morning! 5:30am HYEP

  13. FallenBut NotForgotten

    Eyyy 124 view ill take it

  14. 100th viewer

  15. RAF Benson (the person)!

    phly, what do you think about the recent hawker hunter crash in England.

  16. First Comment Success

  17. Noice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Mr HoooooloDolo94

    lol first view and first comment

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