FEED the BEAST || Minotaur 334k Damage || World of Warships

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Player: Merrillz
Map: Ice Islands

Minotaur 33 ||

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  1. James “Hotshot Jimmy”

    Love a good Minotaur video ^^

    (After watching)
    That really pisses me off. Why does he get to shoot at potato teams while I
    get citadelled by a Yamham from 19km through my smoke. There was only one
    ship that didn’t derp broadside against this man and that was the Iowa.
    Grinds my gears lol.

  2. British Power

  3. Good hunting. Always under 15km of enemies, played ring around the rosie
    with Bismarck like a fiddle and getting the killing blow on the fleeing

  4. Sry but this is boering as shit…he is 70% of the game in Smoke and shoots
    what he see. Anyone can do this shit, smoke is in this game a big game
    breaker in my opinion.

  5. I need to grind this ship. Pew pew pew pew pew….

  6. that cv got reked maximus

  7. Boring lol, if it wasnt for the smoke screens he would be dead ages ago,
    nerf all smoke screens, except DD`s :P

  8. This is almost disgusting, this ship needs a nerf asap, Great videos Panzer
    Keep it up

  9. Looks like a very boring ship to play…

  10. Great game!!! but I still how the record!!! lol

  11. This gameplay makes me not want to play World of Warships. Great job on the
    players part but it just looks like bullshit.

  12. This video definitely shows the damage potential of the minotaur but
    watching him sat in smoke holding down LMB for most of the match hardly
    shows exciting play. The Bismarck kill was nice though.

  13. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    861 Shellhits o.O

  14. Hate that DD guy! always blaming CV! >_<

  15. That was very well played. A joy to watch.

  16. Hiding in smoke the entire time. Slack reply.

  17. CL’s are the best ….when no one shots at you.

  18. altaaaa wie machst du deine Intros? die sind so Coool! :D

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