Feeding Frenzy! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Great job spartan!!

  2. Christopher Dudley

    Your one lucky SOB ? Every time I’m playing my DD everyone’s got em dodging and turning. I’m feeling good if I get 80-105K damage.

    • Lol I always get unlucky and run into the 1 guy that knows what hes doing

    • Christopher Dudley

      That’s what happens to me the day we was in a match together. Plus it didn’t help the team ran to your side that match too. I’m guessing you didn’t get a good vid for your Baltimore?

  3. because i'm batman 5702

    If the fish are swimming, does that mean that the enemy will soon be swimming with the fish. ??

  4. Great game Spartan
    that was a nice DD hunt

  5. Lol love your content keep up the great work

  6. Thats absolutely insane!! ???
    Grats on that game Spartan. One can only dream of getting opponents like that ?

  7. 23 dorps! Insane!

  8. Ahhh my fav Captains voice lol GG Spartan x❤️x

  9. Hamzah M. NightFlash

    Love this game NICE COMMENTARY Spartan

  10. This video is very frustrating to watch as there were so many opportunities to shoot safely that weren’t taken

  11. 23! That’s crazy, Spartan!

  12. I just bought the Scharnhorst. And i love it. I waited so long to get her. And saved to get her for what felt like a life time ?

  13. Sometime the best games wind up being a loss for one reason or another. Good game brother.

  14. Wow amazing and not even in a torp boat I’m jealous ????

  15. Battleships: Lets go straight! Me as a DD: ARE U SURE ABOUT THAT!? (kills all of them) XD

  16. Awesome game. ?

  17. GREAT VID. Battleship game play is soooooo boring

  18. Second set of torps caused 5 flooding ribbons…..never thought it was possible…..

  19. Jovanii Hernandez

    I love my bb ships I like close combat if there no dd alive but wat are your thoughts on the scharnurst if u got it?

    • Jovanii Hernandez

      I do have it I get over 100k damage in 5 games with it out of 6

    • Christopher Dudley

      I’ve also got one, I’m still figuring it out myself. It’s more like a super heavy cruiser to me. Haven’t had the 100K games in it, more like 60K. How are you using it?

    • Jovanii Hernandez

      @Christopher Dudley I constantly use its range to ambush broad side targets but it requires alot of moving

  20. Great video, but as a gun boat like the American dds are why not use your smoke for cover and rain shells on them?

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